You Will Thank Us – 13 Crazy Breast Hacks


The average breast size is a 36C. 310,444 American women augmented their breasts in 2016. This is one of the most popular hacks for breasts that are not considered to be safe. Let’s talk about other tricks!

Women’s breasts are defined by many nuances like their size, their shape, their firmness, and even the bras that are suitable for them. And now we have a hack for each of these topics!

1. Contouring to make your breasts look bigger

The right makeup can work magic. With its help, you can increase your breasts visually by up to 2 sizes in just a few minutes. All you need is a concealer that is darker than your natural skin tone, a powder, and a highlighter.

  • Lift your breasts and contour above them. Apply some of the concealers down the line of your collarbones as well.
  • Apply highlighter to the open areas of your décolleté. Blend all the contours in.
  • Go back over the contours with a darker powder. To open up areas apply a highlighting powder. Blend it all in.
  • At the end use a makeup setting spray and your “bigger” breasts are ready to go.

2. DIY bra for a backless dress

In order to hide your bra, you’ll need a thread, a needle, some scissors, an elastic band, and an old bra. You’ll need to cut off the parts with hooks and eyes from the old bra. Then sew them to the edges of the elastic band. After this attach the band to the bra that you’re going to wear.

3. Massage for breast augmentation

Massage can help increase breast size. It will ensure good blood circulation and increase the hormone oxytocin, which helps minimize PMS symptoms and reduce the risk of breast cancer. You can follow these instructions on breast self-massage.

4. DIY X-shaped bra

This hack will help you not only to hide your straps when wearing a shirt but also to make your breasts look bigger and firmer. If your bra has removable straps, simply unclip them from the front, cross them on your back forming an X, then clip the right strap to the left side, and the left one to the right.

If the straps are sewn to your bra and you don’t want to ruin it, use a paper clip to fix the straps together on your back.

5. Make stretch marks less visible with aloe vera

Aloe vera can help with the struggle against stretch marks. Just apply it to the problem zone and rub it in. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. Repeat every day and this will reduce skin imperfections.

6. DIY fix for a strapless bra

If you’re tired of your strapless bra slipping down, you can fix it in a simple way.

  • Put on your bra, undo one strap, and pull it around the front.
  • Fasten the end of it in the back where the strap usually fastens.
  • Then do the same for the other side.
  • Tighten if needed.

7. Tighten and firm breasts with exercise

In order to have tight breasts, you can strengthen your pectoral muscles. Regularly performing this special exercise regimen will help you keep your breasts in good shape.

8. Ice for breast pain

Ice will help to get rid of breast pain and reduce their sensitivity. Wrap an ice pack or a frozen vegetable pack in a cloth or a towel. Apply for 20 minutes to the sore area and repeat several times a day.

9. No boob gap with a snap

An ordinary snap will help you to fix the problem of a gap in your shirt. Just sew it in the place where the gap appears and enjoy your look.

10. Beautiful posture = beautiful breasts

Good posture plays an important role in the look of your breasts. When we slouch, our chest bends inward which makes our bust look smaller. Plus it can have negative consequences for our health. So it’s important to monitor the position of your back. Simple tips on how to maintain proper posture during our daily routine can be found here.

11. Hangers as bra holders

In order for your bras to keep their shape and look good, you can store them in the following way. Take a hanger and screw a hook into it. Do this with several hangers. Now hang them together, from the hooks.

12. Use egg whites to reduce breast size

Supposedly, you can reduce the size of your breasts in an easy way. You’ll need 2 eggs.

  • Take the egg whites and whisk them until they are foamy.
  • Apply this foam to the breasts. Wait for half an hour.
  • Use warm water to wash off the eggs.
  • Repeat the procedure for several weeks and your breasts will become smaller.

13. DIY extender for a tight bra

If your bra is too tight, you can solve this problem by extending it. For this, cut the straps that have the same hooks and eyes from an old bra. Both straps must be of the same length. Sew them together and attach them to the tight bra.

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