This Palette Is Your Answer to Chill Contouring


Contour is one of those things you can get really right, or just as easily, have it go horribly wrong. But when you are trying to achieve a low-key, natural-looking contour (the kind you can wear during the day – undetected), the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming and it all becomes slightly terrifying (and definitely not chill).

A few years ago, when wanting to dip my toes into the contouring pond, I took a gamble on a product after learning it was one of Mary Greenwell’s kit staples. I had started to see this palette everywhere and was desperate to get my hands on it. So, $125 (!!!) later I was the proud owner of the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate palette (that grossly, and also very impressively, is still going strong in my makeup bag to this day). Since that initial purchase, I’ve tried more than my fair share of contouring products – some great, and some not so great. But this is the one palette I always go back to and I’m pretty sure it’s my answer to an easy and undetectable contour.

The cream duo has a highlighter (a similar “white” translucent product to the RMS Living Luminizer but with less “slip” and more substance) and a contour shade. I have the palette in 01 Intensity 1 (it also comes in 02 Intensity 2 for deeper skin) and while the colour definitely looks warmer than I would normally choose for a my skin, somehow it just works.

I like that both creams can be applied and blended with fingers in a pinch (for when you throw it in your bag and forget a brush), but I prefer to use a buffing brush to blend it out (I like the It Cosmetics Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6 brush). I swipe the contour shade under my cheekbones (in line with the top of my ears), down until it lines up with the center of my eye, then buff the product up and out. Sometimes I’ll put it across the top of my hairline and along my jaw for extra definition (on those double-chin days). It also works beautifully on the eyes to outline and shape them in a subtle way.

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