This Makeup Artists Swears by a Veil Mask For Prepping Models Skin


When you get a product recommendation from one of the best in the biz, you stop, listen (and then BUY IN BULK). Which is obviously what we did when we found out what mask, makeup artist Victoria Baron swears by for prepping models skin.

As you know, there’s many a sheet mask on the market, with prices ranging from super affordable, to oh-my-god-can-I-reuse-this-somehow!? But, in this case, the proof really is in the . . . essence. So if you’re looking for a sheet mask that does what it says on the pack, you’ve gotta be willing to ask the experts for their recommendations. And who could be more attuned to what products will hydrate, prep, and turn battered skin into something instantly awesome, than a makeup artist who deals with models skin day in (and out)?

Her recommendation? Equal Beauty’s Moisture Veil Mask “I was one of the first people to try Jessica Gomes’ Equal Beauty Moisture Veil Masks. And have used them ever since. They hook over the ear meaning you don’t have to lie down to get hydrated. It firms the skin, hydrates and creates a beautiful canvas for the makeup look.” says Victoria. Is there anything more you need from a sheet mask? We think not.


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