These Chic Essential Oil Diffusers Will Turn Your Home Into a Spa


Scents are a powerful thing. While one mood enhancing aroma can energise, another can help with feelings of anxiety, and some will even encourage relaxation and sleep. Scented candles are an interiors must-have, but there’s been a shift towards using oil diffusers and the pure and natural fragrances of essential oils, which, unlike synthetic fragrances, can benefit your wellbeing – as well as making your home smell like a spa.

Essential oil diffusers instantly diffuse oil molecules into the air without the need for any heat. You simply add a few drops of your chosen oil to the water in the diffuser and the essential oils are dispersed in their purest form. And because there’s no need to use a tea light to heat the oil as you might do with traditional oil burners, they’re super safe to use, too.

Using aromatherapy in your home can be a simple way to create your own sanctuary and it feels a little bit luxurious – plus, using an oil diffuser is a damn sight cheaper than splashing out on a daily aromatherapy massage (as much as we’re fans of those).

Prepare your bedroom for a restful night with a few drops of lavender essential oil (or try a sleep blend), something invigorating like peppermint will help you focus and uplift you during the day, or bergamot is feted as a stress reliever.

We’ve found our favourite oil diffusers below, and there should be one to suit every home (or to add a little Zen to your office desk).


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