The Ultimate Hot Guy Movie Gallery


Movies aren’t just a great source of entertainment or escapism. For many, they’re also the first point of introduction to new cultures, sayings, ways of life, clothes, and of course, beautiful men.

Ah yes, we look back fondly on the moment our hearts caught fire when young Leo graced the screen as Jack Dawson in Titanic, Keanu Reeves badass-ly slayed some bad guys in Speed, or Ryan Gosling made making out in the rain a thing in The Notebook. What’s more, there is absolutely no shame in admitting that said men are the reasons we keep coming back to these films. Us? Superficial?

So, for those times when you’re just craving some good old fashioned eye candy, we invite you to peruse this very handy guide.

– Additional reporting by Alexandra Whiting, Annie Stevens and Genevieve Rota


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