So, You're Bloated? Here Are 8 Ways to Fix It Before Tonight


Things were going great until you got bloated. Unfortunately, your stomach doesn’t understand or care (rude!) that you’ve got plans tonight and that your Zimmermann dress doesn’t allow for an expanding belly. Sometimes there’s no one thing causing your bloat so pinpointing the catalyst can be tough – was it last night’s salty dinner? Maybe the sugary breakfast you treated yourself to? Or are your stressed without even realising and your digestive system is sending you signals?

The good news: you can ease your tummy troubles quickly with a few simple remedies.

  • Exercise! If you’ve got time, take yourself for a walk or try a yoga flow or a series of Pilates movements. Anything that will get your body and the build up in your belly moving.
  • Have some high-protein Greek yoghurt. As well as delicious, Greek yoghurt is a gut-friendly probiotic. Just stay away from any that are high in sugar because sugar has an unhelpful way of releasing gases that cause bloating. Not ideal.
  • Try some relaxing ab stretches to get things moving in the right direction.
  • Breathe deeply. It sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at the difference focused breathing will make.
  • Sip on this turmeric elixir. Praised for its anti-inflammatory powers, it will flatten your tum in no time.
  • Take a nap, on your tummy. Who doesn’t love a 20-minute power nap? If your bloat isn’t too painful, try stretching out on your stomach for some relief and a well-deserved rest.
  • Stay away from beans. The last thing you need is to encourage more bloating. While a great source of fibre, beans also contain a type of sugar that’s difficult for our bodies to digest, so it’s best to avoid.
  • Put down the sparkling! It’s a no brainer really, but in case you were thinking it will solve your belly dramas, it won’t. Soz.


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