Normally Hate Powder? You'll Love These


It might sound counter-intuitive to be talking powders when you’re trying to achieve a dewy, non-matte look. But in reality, the use of setting powder is waaaay underrated when it comes to nailing this brief. It’s just that most of us are using the wrong, old-school powders, or we’re applying them in the wrong way.

When it comes to creating that real “lit from within” look, the high points of your face are the obvious focus. Your cheek bones, brow bone and cupids bow are always going to look good bathed in a dewy (read: almost sweaty) highlight. However the problem starts when this type of shine starts to creep onto the rest of your face (think: nose creases, chin and forehead). Shine is never going to look pretty (or intentional) here. And even the slightest sheen in these areas can be misread as actually sweaty, resulting in questions like, “have you just been to the gym?” when all you we’re trying to do was look more like Georgia Fowler.

They key is to use the right products to create balance and dimension in the face. We’re talking next generation setting powders that will blot, blur and do everything they’re supposed to, minus any of the caking, or heavy matte finish. In short, you’ll be left shine-free in all the places you don’t want to be, and dewy in all the places you do. Sounds great, right? Scroll to shop our favourites.


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