Next-Gen Tanning Formulas That Will Make You Look Better


When pulling together this story, we couldn’t help but stop and reminisce on the tans of our past. And for those of you who didn’t venture into tanning in the ’90s (or even earlier), it was a *very* different kettle of fish. Let’s just say there were a lot of weird armpit patches, orange feet, and accidental “ombre” arms that we never wish to speak of again (unfortunately we have the Facebook pictures to prove it).

And while some of us persevered through the mistakes to finally reach the end of a very long (and orange) journey, we’ve finally arrived in 2018 where fake tanning is an entirely different game. Seriously, this year has been a great reminder of how cool (and great) products can get when tech, science and beauty combine.

Have we reached peak tanning? Hopefully, the best is still to come. But we can honestly say that fake tan is almost the real deal. Scroll to see the innovators from each category and prepare to live a very bronzed existence for the near future.


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