Next-Gen Sunscreen Formulas You'll Actually Want to Use


If there is something comparable to the difficulty of finding the perfect sunscreen, it’s finding the perfect partner. And although many would agree the premise of a “perfect partner” is just a urban dating myth, when it comes to SPF we’re confident ‘The One’ does exist.

This comparison might feel slightly left of field, but we promise we have a point. For example, shopping for a sunscreen can feel exactly like swiping right on Tinder, only to be left disappointed once you’ve run through all your matches. However, in the sunscreen version of this story, you don’t become the cat lady of the dating world, you instead end up sporting a pigmentation mustache, the early signs of aging and sun spots.

So, to help rectify this situation and simplify the match-making process, we’ve tested our fair share of formulas to let you know which ones have taken up residence in our SPF hall of fame. Because, if we’ve learnt anything, it’s that you’ve got to kiss a few frogs (or try a few average products) to find your prince . . . or you know, an enjoyable SPF.


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