Can’t Afford a Routine Like Gwyneth? These Clean Drugstore Products Are the Next Best Thing


So you’ve got Gwyneth tastes, but you’re on a beer budget, which leaves you with the aisles of your local drugstore to work with. And we sympathise. Between misleading labels, pseudo-green packaging and never-ending ingredients lists, attempting to actually sort the “clean” beauty from its “not-so-clean” friends is enough to make you tear your freshly washed hair out . . .

But when we read that the average woman puts around 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day (without even knowing it), that was enough to kick us into gear to start cleaning up our bathroom cabinets. And look, we’re not sure about you, but we’d kind of like to stop being paranoid about all the weird chemicals we might just be slathering onto our largest organ every time we moisturise.

In order to prove you can “Gwynetify” every step of your routine by using products from the drugstore alone, we’ve pulled together a list of favourites that fall into the clean beauty category (free from parabens, sulfates and other nasties). From new kid, science-meets-natural Andalou to cult Aussie favourite Lano, there’s a product on this list to swap in for every step of your routine. Print it out and take it with you (or you know, shop online ’cause it’s 2018). This is your guide to shopping clean beauty at the drugstore 101.


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