13 Times Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Breathed Life into Our Cold Hearts


Queer Eye struck a cultural chord when it first premiered on Netflix last year. More than providing makeovers, the series continued – and still continues – to challenge the idea of masculinity and highlighted deep-set problems faced by many marginalised groups, such as coming out and police brutality. It’s as much an inward transformation as it is outward, and we have the Fab Five to thank for it.

Watch any episode and you’d be hard-pressed not to love Jonathan Van Ness, the show’s resident grooming expert. Flamboyant, relentlessly positive and never one to hide his opinions, Van Ness never fails to see the potential in people, and is always, always 100 percent himself. He’s also been responsible for some of the show’s most memorable lines, themselves now slogans in their own right. (My personal favourite: “Struggs to Func”.)

Now season two has come and gone, and as we eagerly anticipate season three, we’re taking a look back at some of his best – or should we say “shamazing” – moments. Yas, henny!


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