Yellow Fever Symptoms,Treatment, and Prevention

Yellow Fever Symptoms

Yellow Fever Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Yellow fever is a very serious, potentially deadly disease caused by mosquitoes. Yellow fever can be seen especially in tropical areas of Africa, Central, and South America. It is identified by high fever with jaundice. Jaundice causes yellowing of skin and eyes and that is why this fever is called yellow fever. In this article, we will explain Yellow Fever Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention.



Yellow Fever Symptoms


Yellow Fever Symptoms


The Yellow Fever Symptoms are as follows:

a) high fever

b) muscle pain

c) headaches

d) shivers

e) vomiting and nausea

f) loss of appetite and

g) joint pain.


Most of the affected people can improve after 3 to 4 days but nearly 15% of the affected person move to more toxic phase with liver and kidney failure. This stage is very fatal.

The symptoms of the second stage are as follows:

a) return of high fever

b) bleeding

c) abdominal and back pain

d) nausea and vomiting

e) yellow skin and eyes and

f) itching.


Reason of yellow fever

 Yellow fever is caused by Flavivirus and it is transmitted by mosquitoes. When an infected mosquito bites to a person then only yellow fever occurs. This disease cannot spread from person to person.

Those person who has not taken the vaccine for yellow fever are at risk.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 200,000 people are infected with yellow fever every year. Most of the infected areas are in 32 countries in Africa, which include Rwanda and Sierra Leone and also in 13 countries in Latin America including Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


Treatment of yellow fever

There is no treatment for yellow fever. The treatment gives to assist immune system to fight against infection and try to manage the symptoms only.

They are as follows:

a) giving enough fluids through veins

b) giving oxygen

c) maintain a steady blood pressure

d) dialysis (if a person has kidney failure due to yellow fever)

e) giving treatment for other infections that may develop.


Prevention of yellow fever


Yellow Fever Symptoms


The only way to prevent yellow fever is the vaccination. The vaccine contains a live, weakened version of the yellow fever virus which is given in a single shot into the human body. This helps a person to create immunity within his/her body. The Centre for Disease Control recommends that a person from 9 months to 59 years, traveling or living in the area where the risk of yellow fever exists, should be vaccinated.

The certain groups are not eligible for vaccination are:

a) people who have allergies to eggs

b) gelatin or c) chicken protein

d) infants younger than 6 months

e) people who have AIDS, HIV.


The vaccination of a single dose of yellow fever can prevent this fatal disease for at least 10 years. There may be some side effects which are as follows:

a) a mild headache

b) muscle pain

c) fatigue and

d) low-grade fever.



Yellow fever is the fatal disease and still, there is no particular treatment for this. Fortunately, this disease is still limited in some parts of Africa and America.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Yellow Fever Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention.


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