What Should I Blog About? 5 Ways To Discover Your Perfect Topic


So, You Wanna Start A Blog?

So, you’ve determined that you definitely, certainly want to start a blog.

You’ve learned how you can start your blog for just $4.

You’re fired up, excited, and ready to go share your knowledge, experience, and story with the world.

Go you!

But there’s just one problem… What in the heck are you going to blog about?

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How Do I Know What To Blog About?

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Knowing what to blog about can be tricky, even for the most creative, experienced writers.

It can be confusing for many reasons.

Maybe you’re passionate about something, yet you’re afraid you don’t know enough about it to teach others.

Perhaps you want to share your experience overcoming a difficult issue and help others navigate through – yet you’re still in the thick of it yourself.

Or maybe your head is jumbled up with 3,234 topics you’d like to write about and it’s too hard to choose just one.

Believe me, I get it!

So today we’re going to go over 5 points for you to consider when choosing your blog topic.


5 Ways To Determine What To Blog About


1- What Are You Good At?

When you think about your talents and skills, what are you really GOOD at?

What’s the thing you’ve been doing and working with for so long that you can do it in your sleep and do circles around anyone else who even tries?

That’s one way to discover what you should blog about!

For example, if you’ve been a teacher for 20 years, you probably have some tricks about child development and education up your sleeve, right?

It would be a great idea for you to start a site focused on childhood education and share tips and tricks for parents (or even newer teachers) to reach their students better.

Or if you’re super trendy, good with makeup and really hot… you could start a fashion and beauty blog, showing others the hottest beauty and makeup tips, alerting people to sales and deals from your favorite stores and putting together cute outfits every day. How fun!


2- What Major Life Problem Have You Overcome?

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Another approach to discovering what to blog about is to consider any challenging issues you’ve had to overcome in your life.

That’s how I started this blog, actually.

Though I’ve since branched out into different things, I originally wanted to share my battle with alcoholism and talk about how I quit drinking without AA.

I wanted to help others who may be struggling too!

A caveat about this approach is that impostor syndrome kicks in pretty tough.

Its really easy to doubt yourself and your value if you don’t believe your experience is best enough to qualify you to teach others.

But remember this…

Even if you don’t feel you’re an expert or even all the way on the other side of your issue, your story and experience and opinions are valuable to somebody with even less experience than you.

And you grow and gain more experience over time.

For example, if you’re going through a divorce but it’s yet to be finalized, you may feel that you don’t qualify to teach the next person what to do.


But you could write an informative post on How To File For Divorce just fine, right?

Or 10 Things I Learned About Divorce… something like that.

If you have 3 weeks of experience, you absolutely have something to share with people who are on day 1.


3- What Is Something You WANT To Learn Or Achieve?

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Where the last approach positions you as an expert on your topic, it’s also possible to “lead from the trenches” and create a journey blog!

People love following others on their quests to learn or achieve something new.

Weight loss blogs are great examples of this.

Let’s say you’re 100 pounds overweight, you could use your blog to keep track of your journey to lose 100 pounds by sharing what you’re doing, checking in regularly with pics and stats, give motivation and inspiration to others who are on the same path, and make product recommendations for things you regularly use.

You can start with zero knowledge or experience and wind up with a great blog that people love!

And by the end of it you’ll have the additional side effect of having achieved your goal too!


4- Go For The Money

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Most bloggers will tell you that it can’t or shouldn’t be all about the money, but I disagree.

Blogging is HARD WORK, and it does take a metric ton of time and effort to set it up.

Some will say “oh if you’re not truly passionate about your topic, you won’t succeed at blogging”.

That’s not really true.

If you go into it knowing you don’t love it but you have a crystal clear goal of generating money from it, that’s less “fun” but still possible.

You would do well to pay close attention to what blog niches make money and come up with a very precise action plan for how you’re going to make money from your blog.

In most other cases you can go into blogging, write about what interests you, what you know about or your personal journey and monetize later. But if it’s ALL about the money you need to do that in reverse.


5- Consider Other Blogs You Enjoy

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Finally, a great way to figure out what to blog about is to consider the blogs you love and read on a regular basis.

What kinds of blogs are those?

What do they have in common?

If you notice a trend in the types of blogs you enjoy, it’s a great idea to start one of your own in that same niche!


Are You Ready To Start Your Blog?

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Now that you have some ideas for what you should blog about, are you ready to get started?

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What Should I Blog About? 5 Ways To Discover Your Perfect Topic

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