What is Swine Flu? & Home Remedies for Swine Flu

What is Swine Flu

What is Swine Flu? & Home Remedies for Swine Flu: Swine flu virus was first found in Mexico and from there it has been spread to the United States of America. From the US it has been spread into the world. In This Article, We will explain What is Swine Flu? & Home Remedies for Swine Flu.

What is swine flu

It is the virus that affects the respiratory system of a human. It is a very infective virus. There are mainly three types of viruses – A, B and C and also other subtypes. In the year 2009, the Mexican government identified the new A (H1N1) type of swine flu virus. It can affect all regardless of the age, children and older have more mortality risk.

Swine flu is completely different from the general flu and is highly infected than the general flu.

Swine flu spreads by sneezing, cough and even through taking (by mouth and nasal secretions).

Symptoms of swine flu:

What is Swine Flu

1) Fever is higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) A frequent and constant cough.

3) Headache.

4) Loss of appetite.

5) Nasal congestion.

6) Body ache and pain.


If you have symptoms of swine flu then maintain a safe distance from a person.

Do not share food with the infected person.

Keep your kitchen and bathroom disinfected with bleach.

Keep disinfected your toys, doorknobs and other contact surfaces carefully.

Eat foods and vegetables which contain vitamin A and C. Eat carrots, papaya, orange, lime, lemon, orange, and pineapple.

Visit your physician if you have high fever and cough, also with a headache and muscle pain.

Avoid sudden temperature changes.

Wash your hands with soap and water.


What is Swine Flu

  • Take vitamin C enriched fruits like lemon to boost your immune system and increase your white blood cells. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of lemon will help you to prevent the swine flu.
  • Take zinc capsules, it will boost your immune system.
  • Colloidal silver can kill a virus.
  • Take garlic capsules to decrease the growth of the virus. Garlic will boost your immune system.
  • Take a glass of milk with turmeric every day. The ant allergic properties of turmeric will help to relieve the body aches.
  • If you are working with animals and have any chance to come in contact with the sick animals like hen or pig, then be sure to use mask and gloves. This is most important to get the id from swine flu.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey and a lemon in a glass of water. Drink this for 2 to 3 times a day. Honey and lemon have antimicrobial properties which will help you to prevent swine flu.
  • Sleep quietly for 7 to 8 hours. A peaceful night sleep will help you to immune your system.
  • Vitamin D is very important for a healthy immune system. Sun is the main source of vitamin D. So, take precaution from sunburn and get outside whenever as long as you can.
  • Take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel with water will help you to boost your immunity system. It will help you to cure joint pain.


Swine flu is very infective so proper care should be taken if anybody can have this disease. If you take care of your health then this could be prevented.

These are the above mentioned What is Swine Flu? and Home Remedies for Swine Flu.


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