What is Cancer?, Types of Cancer, and Cancer Treatment Methods

What is Cancer
What is Cancer

What is Cancer? Cancer is not just a single disease as fever, cough and cold etc. When cells of a human’s body grow abnormally and out of control and destroy the tissues of the body then that can be categorized as the formation of cancer. In This Article, We Will Explain What is Cancer?, Types of Cancer, and Cancer Treatment Methods.

Cancer can be formed anywhere in the human body which is made of billions of cells. Generally, human body cells are growing to replace the old dead cells which are a natural process but when cancer forms this process breaks down completely. When cells of human body grow abnormally and the damaged old cells survive and new cells grow unnecessarily as they are not needed at that time. These extra cells growth is termed as “Tumors”.


What is Cancer?, and Types of Cancer


Cancer can be formed in blood termed as “Leukemia” where tumors are not formed as of solid state.

In the human body, the cells are dividing in an organized way. When the cells are damaged new cells take place. When cancer formation starts, the organized way is lost and the cells begin to grow without any control. The cancer cells begin to grow to form new cells but the old ones are kept as it is. Cancer cells have the ability to grow in other parts of the body, as for example, cancer cells that formed in lungs can able to go to the bones and grow there. This type of spreading of cancer cells is called “Metastasis”. The cancer cells which moved to bones are still called lung cancer by the doctors.


Generally, tumors are formed as the lump by the cancers but fortunately, all tumors are not cancer. To be certain doctors are cut a piece of tumors and test it. Lumps that are not cancer is known as “Benign” and those lumps are cancer are defined as “Malignant” in medical terms.

There are several types of cancer namely


What is Cancer


1. Anal cancer, 2. Bladder cancer, 3. Bone cancer, 4. Breast cancer, 5. Cervical cancer, 6. Colon cancer, 7. Colorectal cancer, 8. Endometrial cancer, 9. Kidney cancer, 10. Leukemia or blood cancer, 11. Liver cancer, 12. Lymphoma, 13. Ovarian cancer, 14. Pancreatic cancer, 15. Prostate cancer, 16. Stomach cancer, 17. Testicular cancer, 18. Thyroid cancer, 19. Vaginal cancer and 20. Vulvar cancer.


Malignant tumors are formed when these two things happened: 1. when cancer cells manage somehow to move throughout the human body by blood systems or lymphatic systems, the healthier tissues are destroyed by this process known as “Invasion”. 2. The cells can able to divide and grow independently manages the new blood vessels to feed by itself. This process is termed as “Angiogenesis”.


The most common treatments for cancer followed by the doctors are


What is Cancer


1. Surgery

Generally, cancer affected parts are removed by surgery. Doctors cut the whole parts where cancer is formed. In breast cancer or prostate cancer, doctors remove the whole breast or whole prostate gland.

2. Chemotherapy

It is a treatment using drugs to kill cancer cells. Some chemo drugs are given into vein with the help of the needle. As chemo drugs are able to move all parts of the body they are useful.

3. Radiation

Radiation helps to kill or slow the growth of cancer. This treatment is like an x-ray.

Cancer is not curable at this moment but their growth can be slowed by treatment. Scientists are trying their level best to invent medicines to cure cancer.

These are the points as mentioned above of  What is Cancer?, Types of cancer and Cancer Treatment.


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