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best weight loss products on amazon


Best Weight Loss Products For Lazy Girls

Though I’m still on my weight loss journey and have about another 30 pounds to lose, I am 30 pounds below my max weight of nearly 200 pounds. No, that doesn’t make me a weight loss expert, but I do feel like I know at least a little about what is truly helpful and what is not. Especially for those of us who have problems committing long-term to workout plans, diets, and lifestyle changes.


These weight loss products helped me lose 30 pounds and keep it off! #weightlossbeforeandafter #loseweight #weightloss


I’m not saying I think losing weight the lazy way is good.

Believe me, I’ve tried SO HARD over the years to eat super clean, workout hard all the time, and be perfect. For a while, it works. But I always unravel. It’s frustrating.

But you know what? It’s my truth. It’s real.

I haven’t yet found the magic combination of dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes that will make me the skinny chick I know still lives somewhere inside the fluff.

Through all my ups and downs, however, these top 10 weight loss products on Amazon have stood the test of time.

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I use them regularly and highly recommend each of them to anyone who struggles with eating organic, vegan whole foods, drinking only water and unsweetened coffee and tea, and exercising 6 days a week, but still wants to make small, reasonable, sustainable changes to better their physical appearance.

Today I want to share my list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon, that helped me lose over 30 pounds… and keep it off.

Please note these links are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase through one of them. This will not affect the price you pay but will help me continue to create informative content that helps you be the best you can be!

*This post contains affiliate links


Miracle Noodle Zero Carb Pasta

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First on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon are Miracle Noodles Shirataki Noodles.

I first heard of shirataki noodles from my bestie many years ago. We are both always trying to lose weight with varying degrees of success.

She told me she found these zero-carb “pasta” noodles to replace regular pasta and was making spaghetti for dinner.

I thought she was nuts.

how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Her spaghetti looked appetizing though, and I had to admit, I was intrigued.

If you haven’t heard of shirataki noodles before, they are low-calorie, zero-carb, thin Japanese pasta-like noodles made from yams. They aren’t exactly like the pasta we’ve come to know and love, but in my opinion, they do the trick.

They come in different styles. You can get fettucini shirataki noodles, angel hair shirataki noodles, and even rice! But my favorite is the fettucini style. The rice isn’t good at all – go right ahead and skip it.

I like to chop up some chicken breast then add broccoli, mushrooms and alfredo sauce. I wind up with a HUGE bowl of chicken fettuccini alfredo for like 120 calories. Full, happy, low-calorie and low-carb!

I eat these several times a month and credit them for helping me sustain my 30-pound weight loss.


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Second on my list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is this sugar-free, calorie-free maple pancake syrup by Walden Farms. If you’re against artificial sweeteners, this product isn’t for you. But if you’re okay with them and love sweet, syrupy pancakes but don’t want to pile on extra calories, give this a try!

The taste isn’t terribly distinguishable from other pancake syrups I’ve tried, and it really is zero calories!

When I tried the keto diet, I attempted low-carb pancakes using different flours and batters.

I never found anything I really liked much. So, when I do eat pancakes these days it’s always the regular sort, but I’ve completely replaced the syrup, and this saves at least 100-150 calories during those breakfasts.

The price has fluctuated over the past year or so since I found this, but I’ve never thought to look in stores for this product. It’s worth the convenience of getting it shipped straight to my door, so I just buy it online.


best weight loss products women

The third item on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is the Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer. I love this product because I just feel great when wearing it to work out.

I don’t know that it actually helps melt fat… to me, that doesn’t even really make sense. But I wear it tightly around my midsection when I work out and I feel like it does a few things I like.

  • it stabilizes and supports my back a little
  • it compresses my stomach and waist
  • I end my training sessions dripping with sweat
  • it slims me down and I look cuter in my workout clothes

It’s gotten to the point where if I forget to put it on, I feel less enthused about working out.

I just like it a lot and recommend it for the reasons above.

It’s a great, low price, and I’ve had it for about 2 years. It’s a sturdy product, easy to clean and I recommend it.


best weight loss products reviews

Fourth on my list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is this lightweight Bluetooth body fat scale, by RENPHO.

I was on the search for a scale that was more useful than a standard scale, but the Fitbit Aria scale was just too pricey.

I did a little research and settled on this cheapy scale on Amazon and couldn’t be more pleased with the product!

It has a pretty cool app that you download onto your phone. It auto-syncs via Bluetooth as soon as you step on.

You can have up to 5 profiles (I think), so multiple family members can use the same scale.


Great Quality, Great Price

intermittent fasting after 1 month

Let me tell you, for such a good price this scale is great quality!

It tracks weight, body fat percentage, hydration, BMI, muscle mass, bone density and metabolic age.

What I like most about this is even when the number on the scale goes up, I can see the bigger picture.

One of my pet peeves when entering online discussions of weight loss is “muscle weighs more than fat so when you’re gaining its probably muscle”. I HATE that. Do you know much weightlifting it takes to gain a pound of muscle? It’s usually water weight or something else. But it helps someone who obsesses over numbers, like me, to have multiple metrics to consider.

It’s a great scale. If you’re looking for a scale upgrade but want to save money, grab this one!


reviews best weight loss products for women

Fifth on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon are these epic adjustable Bowflex dumbbells. Seriously, these are the bee’s knees when it comes to weights!

So, let me tell you, I HATE lifting weights. Hate, hate, hate it.

It’s boring, it’s uncomfortable and I can’t zone out to music and run/step or whatever to the beat to take my mind off what I’m doing.


iwndwyt meaning

But what I hate more than weightlifting itself is having to drive to the gym and compete with others for weights and weight machines that I already hate in the first place!

It’s such a miserable waste of time.

I found a bunch of exercises I can do at home and decided to look into purchasing some dumbbells, so I could at least do it in the privacy and comfort of my living room.

Originally I was going to buy the standard kind because I didn’t know any better. Maybe a few sets at reasonable weights like 10lb – 15lb or something like that.

Then I considered the kind with the adjustable plates, to have more options.

Hubby mentioned the all-in-one weights and I had never heard of such a thing!

So, I googled and found this amazing set on Amazon.


best weight loss products for lazy girls

They are a bit more expensive than other weights, which may be off-putting at first, but let me tell you these pay for themselves.

What I like most about them is they take up almost no space. You can go from 5lbs to 52lbs per dumbbell using one apparatus and it’s VERY easy to click your desired weight into place.

When my gym membership runs out for the year I’m going to cancel it, because I really don’t need it anymore since I have these adjustable dumbbells. I’d rather pay for these as a one-time cost than to pay the monthly fee for my fancy gym that I still don’t go to as often as I should.

I can do cardio on my own (running, hiking, jump rope and circuit training), and lift weights while watching TV or something in my living room and get complete workouts for free!

They really are the best thing that has happened to my muscle tone.

I’m saving so much time and lifting weights way more than I ever would have without them.

Look into it and see if it’s something that might help you too!



10 best weight loss products for women

Item #6 on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is this nifty little food scale.

I know there are tons and tons of food scales out there but for me, this one does the trick. It’s cheap, light-weight and gets the job done.

I like it so much that I bought two… one for my kitchen and one for the office so I could weigh things while I was away.


how to stay sober without aa

Being totally honest, I don’t log all my food all the time the way I should. But doing it even some of the time opens up my eyes to just how much I’m really consuming.

When I’m working out regularly, eating fairly well and the weight isn’t coming off, it’s a quick reminder to go back to weighing all my food for at least a week or two, and I usually start to lose again.

No need to spend a ton of money on a food scale. This cheapy digital one works just fine.


best weight loss products for women

So, earbuds aren’t exactly a weight loss item. But I put them as number 7 on my list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon because music is imperative to my weight loss success.

I’ll admit – I’m a cardio junkie. But that’s literally only because I listen to bass-heavy or fast music that gets me going, and I step or run to the beat.

Like I keep the 8-count hard (and sometimes imagine I’m twerking it out on the dance floor – but that’s another topic), and this makes it FUN!


best weight loss foods

For the longest, I was using the corded earbuds that came with my phone. They’re actually pretty good quality. But it got annoying when weights entered the picture, or when I’d be jump roping or something to have to deal with the cord.

I know the Beats brand is popular, but idk… I’m not spending all that money on a pair of earbuds. So, I found these on Amazon and decided to give them a go.

I’m glad I did!

I’ve had this one pair for about 8 months and so far, so good!

They charge up pretty fast and last a couple weeks – maybe a month – before needing to be re-charged. The sound quality and volume are great, and they fit my ears nicely.

I had no issues connecting them to my phone on first use, either.

If I lose them or need a second pair, I won’t even look further for another brand. I’ll just repurchase these.


hottest weight loss products

Number 8 on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is this easy-to-use zucchini spiralizer.

Again, pasta lover here.

I just think veggie noodles are so pretty and healthy too!

They don’t quite replace pasta for me, as I’ve yet to successfully replicate any recipe I’ve found, but I do like them in salad recipes like this one.

I’ve tried other spiralizers before and some are clunky, hard to use, and hard to clean. This is none of those things.

This is cheap, super easy, lightweight, gets the job done and comes with a little cleaner brush that actually works!

The only downside is some of the vegetable is leftover because of the fit of the vegetable into the apparatus. But I just toss the rest in a salad or dump it into a smoothie. No big deal.

I LOVE this spiralizer!


healthy weight loss products

The ninth item on my list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is this tape measurer.

I like to have multiple points of measurement to check my progress. I take pictures, use the advanced RENPHO scale, go by how clothes fit, how hot my hubby tells me I am, and also take measurements.

What I like about this affordable measuring tape is it has a little knob and holster.  You wrap the tape around your body, place the knob into the holster, and “click” it into place. You get an effortless, accurate measurement in return.

Easy and effective!


best weight loss products for cheap 2018

Lastly, item #10 on the list of top 10 weight loss products on Amazon is these exercise bands.

Another vote for workouts you can do at home!

These bands come in 5 resistance levels, and they work perfectly. The product even comes with an instruction manual that has about 10 different exercises you can do with the bands. Let me tell you – it’s challenging!

I like these because they’re affordable, light-weight, effective and small for storage. I use them about once a week for a light workout while watching TV. Definitely feel the burn the next day!


Top Weight Loss Products On Amazon

Lose weight fast with these 10 weight loss products! I lost 30 pounds using these and look and feel GREAT!


I hope you enjoyed discovering the top 10 weight loss products on Amazon that I’ve used to lose 30 pounds.

I’ll be buying and using these things for many years to come – they’re just that good.

Overall, personally, I’d love to not need any special stuff.

I’d love to eat perfectly clean, enjoy spending hours in the gym and have a naturally fast metabolism.

But you know, I’m a firm believer in meeting yourself where you are.

You can always work harder and strive to do better and be a better version of yourself each day. But if you can use tools to more easily meet your goals, why not?

Are there any products you swear by that help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals? Share in the comments! I’d love to learn what works for you!




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