Top 10 Health Benefits of Tulsi or Holy Basil

tulsi benefits

Tulsi Benefits Tulsi is known as holy basil or Ocimum sanctum. Tulsi is a holy plant among Hindus. Tulsi is very common plant and it is also easy to grow. There are two types of tulsi plants available, they are – the green colored plant is called “Lakshmi Tulsi” and the purple colored plant is known as “Krishna Tulsi”.

Tulsi can be found widely in the Indian subcontinent. Tulsi is much benefited to human. It will improve the strength of immunity system, fighting with various viral and bacterial infections. Here are the 10 Tulsi Benefits.

The essential oil is found in tulsi can cure the respiratory problem. It is enriched with antioxidants which can effective to remove stress, can lower the high blood pressure and also fight diabetes. Tulsi leaves have fixed and volatile oils that can cure allergies, infections and some pathogens.

The nutrition facts of Tulsi:

1/4th cup or six grams of tulsi leaves have the following

  1. 1 calorie
  2. no cholesterol
  3. 0.2 grams of sodium
  4. 0.2 grams of carbohydrates
  5. 31% of vitamin K
  6. 6% of vitamin A
  7. 2% of vitamin C
  8. 3% of manganese
  9. 1% of folate
  10. 1% of calcium
  11. 1% of potassium
  12. 1% of magnesium.

Tulsi Benefits for Your Health

Here are the Top 10 Tulsi benefits for Your Health and Cancer.

1. Tulsi fights with acne

tulsi benefits

Tulsi leaves kill bacteria and infections, so it is a good home remedy for acne. Use tulsi leaves with coconut oil, it will absorb in your skin better and will be more effective.

2. Tulsi protects diabetes

An experiment showed that Tulsi was very effective to protect diabetes. In that experiment, patients with noninsulin-dependent diabetes showed the decrease of fasting glucose level as well as of postprandial blood sugar levels.

3. Tulsi helps to fight cancer

Research showed that those who are taking tulsi regularly are less likely to be immune-compromised and less susceptible to develop cancer cells. Tulsi and its phytochemicals which include eugenol, rosmarinic acid, apigenin, retinal, luteolin, and carnosic acid can have the power to the liver, oral and skin cancers as they increase antioxidant activity.

4. Tulsi balances hormones and lowers stress

Cortisol is known as stress hormone and it is dangerous to increase its level which has a bad impact on your memory, immune function, bone density, heart disease and weight gain. Tulsi has its ability to balance the cortisol levels to keep a balance of hormone naturally. A cup of tulsi tea or some tulsi leaves adding to your meal can calm your system and your body will run smoothly.

5. Tulsi relieves fever

tulsi benefits

Tulsi leaves act like antibiotic, germicidal and also the disinfectant agent. When you have fever taking tulsi leaves can help you low your fever.

6. Tulsi helps to improve your respiratory disorders

Tulsi can cure almost all respiratory disorders including working as a bronchitis natural remedy. It also cure deep cough remedy for coughs that usually come on with another type of upper respiratory infections such as the cold or flu.

7. Tulsi is a good source of vitamin K

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin which plays an important role in bone and heart health. It is also one of the main vitamins for bone mineralization and blood clotting. A cup of tulsi drink is perfect to prevent vitamin K deficiency.

8. Tulsi is good for dental care and oral health

Tulsi leaves can fight with bacteria which causes dental problems like cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath. Tulsi can serve as a mouth freshener as it kills bacteria in your mouth.

9. Tulsi relieves headaches

Tulsi is an anti-congestive agent which helps to reduce headaches due to sinus. Tulsi has sedative and disinfectant properties for which it can be used as a natural headache remedy which can relieve migrate pain. Just a cup of tulsi tea will help you to remove all the pains.

10. Tulsi supports eye health

Eyes are very susceptible to various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Tulsi can fight with these infection. Tulsi can also fight with conjunctivitis as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Tulsi is an essential herb which is very beneficial to human. So, to fight with all the diseases mentioned above, habit to take tulsi regularly at least as a cup of tea.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Top 10 Tulsi Benefits for Your Health.


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