The Coffee Table Books Every Fashion Girl Should Own


As we get more serious about the whole adulting thing, not only does our style evolve, but so too does how we choose to express this in our homes. While a designer bag or vintage pair of black pumps may be your go-to for that finishing sartorial touch outdoors, at home, they’re usually sitting pretty in dustbags (you do store them in dustbags, don’t you?). A carefully curated selection of coffee table fashion books, however, can bring the same level of chic to your living room.

Just like a coveted designer purchase, some of these come at a hefty price tag – for books, especially. And just like any designer purchase, the cost-per-wear ratio is almost always, justifiable. From Oscar de la Renta to iconic photographers such as Richard Avedon, these are the hardcover books to buy now and keep forever.


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