So . . . There's a Way You Can Clear Your Pimples Overnight


As teens we dreamt, on the regular, about someone inventing a magic sticker we could pop on our pimples that would, one, hide them in plain sight, and two, magically heal them – or at the very least, speed-up the process. Apparently, good things do come to those who wait because now, as adults, we have access to a myriad of clear blemish dots just waiting to save our faces.

However, not all blemish stickers are created equal, and we want to make sure you’re investing your pennies in products that are up to the challenge. Because pimples that appear overnight (right before important life events) are a particularly suspect breed and are not to be trusted with just any old tool.

We’d recommend wearing these overnight – their clear aesthetic is more for the purpose of not scaring your bed friends in the morning – rather than as a daytime accessory. But that said, if you have a particularly nasty beast in the middle of your forehead to tame, all power to you. These are also perfect for the habitual pimple touchers (you know who you are) as they will keep a degree of separation between your picky mitts and your skin.

Keep reading to shop the blemish dots we’ve searched high a low to find, and go to town plastering these all over your pimples. You can thank us later when you’re spotless.


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