Single Leg Bridge – Hip Impingement


Single Leg Bridge – Hip Impingement

This is an exercise today on a concept of what we call centralization of the ball and socket, of the hip to keep it centered in cases of hip impingement in baseball players. And this is not only in regards to rehab, but also prevention as well.

Now this is just one of the many exercises we use at our facility, and we’re going to supply you actually with the rest of those in the link description below. So go ahead and check those out, they should be on a play list. This exercise is called the Single Leg Bridge, very easy to accomplish. Again the idea is we want to work the muscles around the femoral head. So keeping that ball and socket together, or again this concept of centralization.

Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge Start

Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge End




Centralization again if you don’t understand it, I strongly suggest checking the video link out below in the description. We will show you in one video, the concept of centralization.

How to perform a Single Leg Bridge

Now this one again the Single Leg Bridge. It’s pretty easy to do, but there are some things that people do, they actually make mistakes on it. So one side up, one side down. You’re going to drive and keep this area here, basically flushed like a plank. Holding for about 5 seconds and then descending, there should be a controlled descent.

What I’ve seen on people a lot of times, is actually they just like to drop down. Now the concept of eccentric control controlling the muscles in the descending, or lengthening contractions is something that we’re going to want to do in this rehab to get the most out of it.

Another mistake I typically see is in the Single Leg Bridge is hyperextension of the lumbar spine of the low back. What this would look like if I roll my shirt up, you can see my back right now is not flushed against the ground.

Also something you can see if you or someone else is observing, say your young player, do this–you want to look at their rib cage. If their rib cage is flared then you want to have them tuck it down, almost like you’re in Blood sport movie and the guy is dropping a coconut from the roof or the top of the palm tree. They should be ready at all times. So keeping this rib cage down, keeping the trunk straight, driving through the butt cheek and the hamstring, holding for 5 and then descending.

Again if there is any hamstring cramping with the Single Leg Bridge, you can move the foot out or forward, or back towards your butt. Sometimes it helps in either direction, and this is the basics of this exercise. Now we typically instruct this exercise into a small circuit. And a circuit is where there’s multiple exercises one after another, and then you repeat them.
The reason we do this is to give those muscles a little bit of a break while we’re still doing something productive. Now in our rehab circuits we typically address the front of the hip, the back of the hip, and the trunk, or the torso or the core. All these are important and the trunk or torso is very important for providing a stable platform. For basically your hip muscles to do a job and keep that ball and socket centralized, to protect your player. Now usually circuits should take about 15-25 minutes and it depends on how specific you make it, and what else you add.

Now we do have a PDF available for you guys with some nice pictures and descriptions, reps, sets, times and so on, to make it very easy and seamless for you to implement something like this. Mainly from a preventative standpoint, but, if you look at it, you’ll see what type of rehab you’ll probably get when you go into a rehab facility. Now don’t forget to share this with your teammates if you learned anything from it. It will make them better players, it will improve their longevity. Or if you’re even confused about the concept of centralization, please thumbs up, share the video. It will be helpful along the way.

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