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Meet Michelle, The Holisticish Mom

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Michelle is new to sobriety and we enthusiastically support her along her journey!

As a special feature, we will touch base with Michelle for an update around her 6-month sobriety mark to see how she’s doing and to allow her to share any wisdom she’s gleaned over that time.


Can you share a little about yourself?

My name is Michelle aka The Holisticish Mom. I’m very newly sober. I’m in my late 20’s and originally from Texas but currently living in South Florida. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter and I’ve been a stay at home mom for about 8 months now.


Can you share your experience with alcohol?

I’ve been sober since April 22, 2018. I never realized it until after I decided to stop drinking, that in the beginning, I use to drink to make myself fit in better with friends. Like a lot of people in our early 20s, we went out a lot and most of the time, the goal was to have fun and get completed wasted.

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I love dancing and having fun, but am extremely introverted and get very uncomfortable and awkward in large groups of people and public places. So enter alcohol. It truly was liquid confidence for me and tequila was my drink of choice. I only got completely drunk a handful of times, and usually was able to drink just enough to get right to my limit and relax to let my hair down some, so to speak.

To me, I never thought I had a problem because in comparison to my now husband and our friends, I drank the least by leaps and bounds. Skip ahead to the past 2 years, and throw motherhood, getting married and moving across the country from friends and family, and becoming a stay at home mom, and my drinking picked up and I felt like I “needed” a drink to just deal with everything going on in life.


How did you know it was finally time to stop drinking?

I knew it was time to stop when I found myself “needing a drink” halfway through the day to “deal” with my toddler. I felt myself feeling like I couldn’t hold it together enough to deal with the normal things that come along with being a stay at home toddler mom. My husband was also drinking almost nightly and all of a sudden it just hit me that I didn’t want our daughter to grow up watching her parents drink just to deal with life every single night.


What method(s) did you use to quit drinking?

Honestly, I don’t even think I used any “methods” to stop. I did find a Sober/Semi Sober group on Facebook and started following other women on their sober journeys. Other than that, I just stopped. Again, I am still only a few weeks into this journey, so there is no telling where I may turn for help as I go.


What was your biggest challenge with getting sober, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge right now is definitely my husband and his drinking. We always have alcohol in the house and he still drinks regularly. I’m hoping my journey helps him to at least slow down, but in the meantime, it’s hard because it is a constant temptation. Especially when he’s not home and I’m stressing out, because I know if I had a drink, no one would know. Some days are harder than others, but as each day passes, I think he is starting to see that I’m serious, so the pressure is letting up. And I’m starting to have more faith in myself that I can do this.


What are the top benefits you’ve experienced since quitting?

The main benefit I feel from giving up drinking is just feeling better overall. My skin is finally clearing up and I’m not as bloated. I’m learning to deal with problems that come along rather than trying to run away or ignore them. That part is hard, but necessary. I’m also learning to love myself exactly how I am. I’m starting to not have to feel like I have to fix or adjust myself in any way to be worthy or happy if that makes sense.


What is the best advice you can give to someone who is struggling with alcohol abuse?

Find some sort of support system. Especially if the people closest to you drink regularly. You need to be able to lean on someone when you’re struggling, who “gets it” because it’s not easy to stop drinking on your own.-TheHolisticishMom Click To Tweet I’ve had moments where I know I would have given it up if it weren’t for my online support system because my friends and family would just tell me to have a drink to feel better.


Share with us three people in the sobriety or personal development space you recommend checking out?

Sarah Ordo @24luxe_sarah and Cara Alwill Leyba @TheChampagneDiet have been such a HUGE inspiration for me when it comes to getting and staying sober and just living my best life in general. Also, Kathrin Zenkina @ManifestationBabe is one of my favorite personal development and manifestation coaches ever. Her FB group and Podcast help kick my butt into gear and keep me feeling high vibe about life and business.


Do you celebrate your sober anniversary in any special way?

I do plan on celebrating my sober anniversary next year but I have no idea how yet.


Where can we find you on the internet?

You can find me at and on Instagram @TheHolisticishMom



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