Lacrosse Ball for Tight Quads


Using a Lacrosse Ball for Tight Quads

This is a video on how to Lacrosse Ball for tight quads and we’re going to break this down into two parts.

Video Transcription

The rectus femoris which is, go ahead and point at it, it is the center part right there. It is the only two joint muscle of the quad; it goes past the hip and past the knee. So it will be done in a little different way than the quad, so the quad is the rest of it. She’s actually pointing very lateral which is good, because a lot of people don’t know that it actually runs way back into here which is more of the—people think it’s the IT band a lot of time’s that they’re addressing, but a lot of times it’s the lateral quad. So if you want to find more on these “Foam-Rolling and Lacrosse Ball” videos, feel free to click on the link that we have on the video as well and it will subscribe you to our page.

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So go ahead and turn face down. She’s going to do the right leg, and she’s placing it right in the center first. I’ll get low so we can see contact point, and movement. Okay so right now she’s doing generally the quad. The quad is made of 4 muscles which are the:

  • Vastus lateralis
  • Vastus medialis
  • Vastus intermedialis
  • Rectus femoris.

Rolling Tight QuadsSo right now she’s doing generally probably the vastus intermedialis, since she’s not doing knee flexion. So when she flexes the knee this is going to tension the rectus femoris, which is again two joint muscle and she’s going to roll up and down on it, and use the other arm or her arms and her leg over there to propel herself forward and backwards. So I’d spend 30 seconds or so on this. Now she dropped the knee, move to the lateral side towards me, not too much—yeah that will work. So she’s on the lateral side of the quad still, this is the vastus lateralis.


Again she doesn’t have to bend the knee really, she’s just moving up and down cause it really just goes past the knee. Actually I take that back she can bend the knee, that will tension the vastus lateralis as well. I know that you guys would correct me on the comment box if I didn’t mention that. So, she can go on the medial side too which we won’t spend too much time on. You have to flare the hip and knee a little bit towards me, but for the most part it’s the same movement. She can add some knee bend slightly. So I’ll go back and correct the rectus femoris actually, you want to add some hip extension, which is going to be really tough, so I won’t have her demo it.

But for the most part this will be really good for people who are quad dominant in squatting, and have the quads sore a lot. And sometimes you just overdo it with squatting, and you got to get some real cheap massage in there, and this is kind of the way that people like to do it.   So again if you have questions, comments, feel free to comment below, and follow us, like our video, share it, and subscribe to our channel.

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