Kidney Stone Symptoms in Women – Female Kidney Stone

Kidney stone symptoms in women

Kidney stone symptoms in women: Kidney stones are made with minerals and salts, sometimes they can be made with calcium and uric acid. Stones are formed inside the kidney and at that time do not cause any problem. If they have a chance to come out from the kidneys through the urinary ducts which include the ureters and urethra, then the movement of the stones may cause problems. In This Article, we will explain Kidney Stone Symptoms in Women.

Kidney stone symptoms in women

The symptoms are as follows:

  1. If the stones are small, then there will be no symptoms.

2. The kidney stones will cause a sudden and severe pain if they are large in size. The pain may feel in the back, abdomen, genitals and also in the groin (the area in between the stomach and thighs).

3. Vomiting and nausea develop which cause sickness.

Kidney stone symptoms in women

4. Blood comes in the urine (Hematuria), which may occur with the stones that are deposited in the kidney or those traveling through the ureters.

5. Repeated and painful urination which may happen when the kidney stones are in the ureters. When the stones have left the bladder and are deposited in urethra, blood may come with urine also.

Near about 5% of women may develop kidney stones before they reach 70 years.

Kidney Stone Symptoms in Women develop are generally as follows:


Kidney Stone Symptoms in Women

The kidneys are helping to remove toxins from the body with the formation of urine. A sensation of pain occurs in the lower back of women when kidney stones are deposited in the urinary tract. The sensation of the back pain can be severe and may transfer to the lower abdomen or pelvic region. This pain can be occurred all on a sudden and can persist for many hours. The pain will be removed when the stone is cleared through urine. Those women feel this severe back pain should contact physicians for immediate medical attention.

Blood comes out with the urine:

Kidney stones pass within the urinary duct and it may damage the linings of the thin tubes. If this condition occurs, women can develop hematuria as a symptom. Hematuria is identified as the presence of blood in the urine. Women who have discolored urine identified due to the presence of blood in the urine should consult with physicians as it may cause urinary tract infection.

Urinary Urgency:

Urinary urgency is a symptom of kidney stones in women. When the kidney stones appear near the bladder, women can feel the urgency to urinate, during urination they can feel the pain or burning sensation. This symptom can be a cause of urinary tract infection of women.

Stomach upset or flu:

Kidney infection in women is caused by the kidney stones deposited within the urinary tract. At this time women can have a flu-like symptom which can be the sign of kidney stones. These flu-like symptoms may include fever, sweating or chills. Some women can develop stomach problems like vomiting or nausea. This happens due to severe abdominal pain or back pain. Women who may develop these symptoms will contact physicians for medical attention.


Urinary infection can cause severe health problem to women who have kidney stones. It is better to go through medications at their earliest.



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