IWNDWYT and ODAAT – What Do They Mean?


What Does IWNDWYT Mean?

If you’re new to sobriety and recovery from alcohol abuse and spend any length of time reading blogs, browsing online forums or chatting in Facebook groups on the topic, you may come across people signing off with acronyms such as “IWNDWYT” and “ODAAT”.

You’re probably like what?!

I wanted to write up a quick post telling you what IWNDWYT and ODAAT mean, and share a few thoughts on these acronyms.

IWNDWYT means “I Will Not Drink With You Today”. ODAAT stands for “One Day At A Time”. Both are frequently used as signs of commitment to the goal and signs of solidarity in recovery.

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✅IWNDWYT — I Will Not Drink With You Today

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The best thing about these acronyms is that they are really good at keeping you in a very important head space in recovery. You need to take it in small chunks.

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When things get hard, you can’t worry about “not drinking ever again in life”. It does you no good to panic over how you’ll ever manage to do things sober that you used to do while drinking. You can send yourself into a frenzy by contemplating too much, too soon. Simplicity is key.

All you need to commit to is one day at a time. Literally, just take it one day at a time. Do not drink today.


IWNDWYT and ODAAT Help With Isolation

Another really good thing about seeing IWNDWYT and ODAAT everywhere online is that in some ways it can make you feel less isolated. Whether you attend group meetings, have a sponsor, enjoy a tribe of supportive friends or are the only sober person you know, bad feelings can still pop up.

Forums and hashtags are so helpful in these instances. Reading others’ stories and issues and seeing a supportive community of silent strangers who “get it”, is helpful. It’s really like “we’re all in this together… keep going… one day at a time”.



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If you’re new to sobriety and are anything like me, you see people with 5, 10, and 20+ years in recovery and are equal parts amazed, inspired and intimidated by their success.

I recall during my first 100 days of sobriety, it was tough at times. I had to decline social events. Some of my friendships suffered. I was apprehensive about my first sober vacation like, ever. Back then, I hadn’t even committed to not drinking forever. I just wanted to try it out and see how I fared for a shorter time.

Browsing online recovery forums for information and inspiration I’d get really intimidated by people who seemed to have these amazing, happy lives celebrating 1,000 or more days sober! It was incredible – but I just couldn’t “see” it for myself.

But you know what? When asked how they did it, and some of the best advice they had for others, many would say just one day at a time.

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You get to 1,000 days by taking it one day at a time.

ODAAT is so simple, yet so powerful.


IWNDWYT Is Not For Everybody

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Though it seems like a great idea to many, some people really don’t vibe with the IWNDWYT meaning. They feel like it suggests superiority. Like, “I’m not drinking today but YOU are”.

Others dislike it because it suggests that they won’t drink today, but tomorrow is fair game. In their minds, it’s a set up for their going out and drinking alcohol the next day.

That said, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to alcohol addiction recovery. You gotta do what you gotta do!


IWNDWYT Can Help You Stay Quit

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We all have different life circumstances and thus different challenges to recovery from alcohol addiction and abuse. But no matter who you are, where you come from or what approach to healing you choose, one uniting factor is time.

Whether you’re on day 5, or day 5,000 you take it day by day. Taking it in small, manageable chunks and pieces and making a small commitment can change your entire life.

IWNDWYT and ODAAT – What Do They Even Mean?


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