How to Leave Alcohol – Take 6 Steps and Never Look Back

How to Leave Alcohol
How to Leave Alcohol

How to Leave Alcohol: Are you an addict to alcohol and want to quit from that habit? Well, this is not very easy and take a long time to get rid of alcoholism. If you are ready to stop drinking alcohol and want to recover from alcoholism and alcohol abuse then the answer is yes – you can do it. Here are 6 Steps How to Leave Alcohol.

How to Leave Alcohol

It is not possible to get rid of alcohol overnight for a person who is heavily addicted. Recovery from alcohol is usually a gradual process, it will be an obstacle in the first stage. It is important for a person to acknowledge his doubt about stopping drinking. So, the person has to evaluate the costs and benefits of drinking alcohol.

This is an example how a person can evaluate the costs and benefits of drinking:

Benefits of drinking: Is it helps me to forget about my problems?

  • Am I enjoying or have fun when I drink?
  • Is it my only way of relaxing after a stressful day?

Benefits of not drinking: It may improve my relationship once again.

  • I can feel better both physically and mentally.
  • I can have more time and energy for my activities and care for my loved one.

Costs of drinking: Can I have a relationship problem with my dearest one?

  • Shall I feel depressed, anxious and ashamed of myself for drinking?
  • Can this lead me to towards the uncertainty of taking my responsibilities?

Costs of not drinking: I can have to find another way to deal with my problem.

  • I can have the courage to take my responsibilities.
  • I have to lose my drinking partners.

If a person can evaluate this properly, then he can get rid of his habits.

1. Do you want to stop drinking forever or just cut back

If you decide to reduce drinking, then try to avoid your drinking at least twice in a week. Take a decision to drink a certain quantity of alcohol and not more than that.

2. When do you want to quit or take lesser quantities of alcohol

how to leave alcohol


If you have taken your decision to quit from drinking, then set a specific date to quit or take a lesser amount of alcohol. Then plan your decisions in which can help you to achieve your goal.

3. Get rid of temptations: You have to remove alcohol and other drinking materials from your house.

4. Announce your goal: Inform your friends and well-wishers that you are trying to get rid of alcohol. If they drink ask them not to do so in front of you to support to achieve your goal.

5. Be upfront about your new limits: You have to announce not to permit any alcohol in your home and will not attend any place where the drink will serve.

6. Avoid bad influences

how to leave alcohol

You have to keep a safe distance from the person who does not support your efforts to stop or limit your drink habits. This may cost you to lose some friends and also some social connections.

Conclusion: To get rid of alcohol is a big hurdle which you have to cross and that is not easy but if you can get support and help from your relatives you can achieve your success. Your strong mentality is required to keep it forever.

These are the points as mentioned above The Top 6 Steps How to Leave Alcohol.


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