How To Create A Life That Excites You MORE Than Alcohol


Consider the things you do, the people you see, the foods you eat, the places you go, the way you work, how you dress, and how you care for your health.

Do these things excite you?

Some undesirable things you must do, of course. That’s a natural part of life.

But as an adult with free will, let’s be honest. You have unlimited power and control over your circumstances whether you choose to admit it or not.

Have you considered that you’re drinking too much because you’re living a life that doesn’t really excite you?


How Do You Feel About Your Current Lifestyle?

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You hate your job, so you drink to escape the stress.

You’re hanging out at clubs with strangers, feel shy and uncomfortable, so you drink for liquid courage.

You’re socializing with drinking buddies and they’ll make fun of you or pressure you to drink, and you won’t have fun if you don’t.

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​Here’s ​a small sample of w​hat​ you’ll get!

You don’t really enjoy the sex you’ve been having, or the guy(s) you’re having it with, so you get totally wasted to have unfulfilling sex that you probably won’t remember later anyway.

I’ve been there. I get it.

But let’s examine the common thread in these things, shall we?

They don’t really excite you.


What If Things Were Different?

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What if you thought about what really makes you happy, and ONLY leaned toward things that really do it for you?

What if you stop spending time with people who bore or annoy you, and share your time and energy with people who uplift and inspire, instead?

What if you find ways to generate income that can free you from that job you hate?

What if you go on vacations to places that thrill you, and book activities that you desperately want to try?

What if you stop going to bars and clubs late at night, and go to sleep at a decent hour as your tired body tells you to?

What if you pay attention to the foods you really like, find ways to make healthier versions of them, and stop forcing yourself on disgustingly restrictive diets that make you miserable?

What if you ignore all the advice that says you must exercise one way to lose weight, find a physical activity that excites your mind and your body and do that most of the time, instead?

What if you take the time to consider what really turns you on in bed and refuse to engage in sexual activity that doesn’t truly ignite you?

What if?

I’m not suggesting that these are your exact pain points. Or that you should stop clubbing, quit your job or change your life in these specific ways.

We are all different and I get that. I want you to think more generally about this though.

Can you imagine how happy and fulfilled your life would be if you made some changes?

Do you think the foggy head, lack of control and soul-crushing hangovers would make this new life better, or worse?


How To Create A Life That’s Better Without Alcohol

100 days without a drink


Thus far, my experience with alcohol and sobriety has led me to conclude that sweeping change backed by honest self-assessment is key.

You want to stop drinking so you take a break. I recommend 100 days, but even 30 is an excellent start.

Once your last hangover ends, the fog lifts and things become clearer. You have more time in your day. Things feel good. Over time, though, you notice little stressors or annoyances that you may have drank away, before.

If you push through these initial annoyances without going back to drinking, congratulations! You have now entered a critical time where you have the greatest chance of success – if you do the work.

Now is when you engage in deep self-assessment and consider the points touched on earlier in this post.

You need to figure out what really excites you in terms of food, exercise, dating/marriage, sex, friends, activities, work, travel and more.

If you’ve been drinking for a while you may not even know what you like.

Alcohol is tricky. It makes the abhorrent, tolerable. The mundane, fun.  Which is why it’s important to take a long enough break from alcohol to first figure it out.

You need to create a life that is more exciting than the stimulation of alcohol itself. The only way to do that is to take time to first figure out what that looks like.  Click To Tweet


Take Time To Focus, Free of Alcohol

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I chose to take 100 days off alcohol and can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s long enough to gain clarity, focus and make the necessary changes, but not so long that it becomes intimidating.

I created a printable worksheet to help you get started on this process. It gets you to consider the underlying reasons for why you drink, figure out what you are doing that doesn’t excite you without alcohol, and helps you find exciting ways to restructure your life.

Enter your details below for access to the worksheet plus my entire vault of worksheets and files geared toward helping you slay the beast and live the life of freedom you deserve.




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