How I Quit My Job After Just 18 Months Of Kindle Publishing


How I Quit My Job

If you stick around long enough, you might notice that I’ve quit my job. Sometimes I say I “work remotely”.  Others, I “quit corporate”.

I’m a huge advocate of starting a side hustle, and I created this page to explain a little bit more about how my side hustle became my only hustle, for two major reasons:


  • Only after eliminating the huge time-suck of working did I have space and freedom to start creating a life that I enjoyed more sober
  • I’ve achieved such a high level of success that I remain convinced I can help others carve their own paths too

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Kindle Self-Publishing: How It All Began…

Need money now? Want to quit your job? Here's my story how I quit my job after just 18 months of self publishing books on amazon kindle! It's one of the BEST real ways to make money from home and a great passive income stream.

My husband and I were at dinner with a friend visiting from Canada one night. She casually mentioned a new passive income venture. Self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. We asked her to explain.

She said she would pay ghostwriters to write 20-page books, have cheap covers designed, upload them to Amazon Kindle, and collect passive income.

It sounded absolutely bizarre, and I thought she was completely off her rocker!


Kindle Publishing Resurfaces

staying sober while traveling

Already exhausted with the rat race, when I fell pregnant with my son I thought “what if I have this baby and decide I just can’t bear the thought of returning to work”?

Around then I was browsing an international travel Facebook group. Someone asked how to make money online so they could travel full-time. I read that ENTIRE thread and one idea stuck out like a sore thumb. Kindle Publishing.

Everybody in the thread was as incredulous as I upon first hearing of it. But since this was my second time, I was all ears.


how to get better sleep


This guy explained how he lives in Thailand and all his expenses are covered by Kindle Publishing. He said it really wasn’t difficult at all to get started. He gave a basic rundown of the process and said exactly what our dear friend told us at dinner that one night.

At the time, I wasn’t really looking for full-time income. I didn’t even believe that was possible for me. All I wanted was $500/month to at least help a tiny bit if I chose to be home with baby boy.

The guy recommended purchasing an online course from Stefan Pylarinos, K Money Mastery. I was all in.

I purchased K Money Mastery while on maternity leave, told my husband what I’d done and why, and dug right in.

The process was exciting and fun to start!  It took me about 2 weeks to go through the course and release my first book. I was surprised to wake up the very next morning after my first book went live to find a thirty-five cent deposit!

I flipped my shit with excitement, and a lightbulb went off…

 If I could make one penny, I could make a million


I Was Right

make money online

Two years later, that tiny seed of desire to earn $500/month to stay home with my son has blossomed into a 6-figure passive income stream!

I earn many times my corporate salary in my sleep, working no more than 3 hours per week.

Sometimes I go months without touching it at all.

Traveling when/where I want and having the freedom to explore other hobbies and interests just for fun/personal fulfillment (hence this blog) is really cool.

It’s a dream I didn’t even feel free enough to have.

I recall feeling so trapped in the rat race, knowing I’d have to work 40 years and wait until I was in my late 60’s to even begin to live.

Now, I spend tons of time at the gym, in the sauna, out by the pool, taking naps, visiting with friends and family, playing with my son, and preparing quality food.


Totally Not Bragging, Here

7 months sober from alcohol

Don’t take this as bragging. I’m going to keep it 100 with you all the way around.

I’m just a regular chick who started something and never gave up. I’ve been dirt poor, lights out, no heat in my home.

I’ve slept in my car a time or two, lived out of hotel rooms, slept on air mattresses.

In 2012 — not even that long ago — I was working full-time for $12/hr in expensive ass Los Angeles (WITH an undergraduate degree and a Masters on the way).

I had two roommates and qualified for food stamps, without which, I wouldn’t have been able to eat.

I know for a fact that sometimes even if you do everything “right”, you can still struggle.

No, I’m not bragging at all. Just showing you what is possible. 

That where you have been has nothing to do with where you can go. Your only limitation is you.


Self-publishing is one of the fastest, easiest ways to make money online. But there is a learning curve. It takes grit, tech-savvy and resourcefulness.

Before I figured out my exact system, I would be up ALL NIGHT trying to make magic happen.

It’s also not cost-free to get started, and it takes time to get it running fully on auto-pilot. I jokingly call it the “Easiest Hard Work I’ve Ever Done“.


Blogging vs. Self-Publishing for Passive Income

sobriety gratitude journaling

Blogging is also a great way for college students, stay-at-home moms and those who just want to exit corporate life to quit their jobs.

But yes, while top bloggers easily clear 6-figures monthly, it can take a really long time to see returns.

Like several months to several years. 

Sometimes you just can’t wait that long to win!

Blogging has a low cost of entry, but you pay with your time.

Between creating content, networking, taking courses, trying new things (and failing), managing social media, designing graphics and learning SEO, I spend 30+ hours weekly blogging. Using many more.

I spend 2 hours a week publishing (if that) and I’d be appalled to earn less than 5-figures any month.

Self-publishing has a higher financial investment but the trade-off is less time invested.

This is why it is the best side-hustle if you currently have at least some seed money, but not a metric ton of time.

Okay, So How Much Money Are We Talkin’?

passive income how to get started

Glad you asked! I had $5,000 to get my self-publishing business off the ground.

After achieving a reasonable level of success in my career, I began investing in the stock market. Upon learning of the Kindle opportunity I figured “why invest all this money in someone else’s business, but be too chicken to invest in myself“? So I pulled out $5,000 and told myself I could play with that until it ran out.

Lucky for me, it never did.

I made tons of mistakes and bought way too many crappy courses.

It took me a while to catch my groove, and lots of time was wasted.

Now I know for certain an initial investment of no more than $3,000 could earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind with any business, you generally have to part with either money or time in the beginning. Usually both.

For fast returns on your investment with minimal time, you can’t beat self-publishing.

I’m not the type to blast my earnings all over the internet. BUT… I will provide one public income report as proof that I’m not lying.

Each book published generates at least 3 revenue streams. The below report is just one revenue stream for the month of April 2018. My total earnings exceed this. Keep that in mind!


8 Hours Of Work April 2018

As you can see, it’s real. Regular chick, real results.

It works if you work it! 




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