Heart Attack Treatment at Home – Heart Attack Home Remedies

Heart attack treatment at home

Heart attack treatment at home: When an artery, which is responsible for carrying blood to the heart. When there is a sudden blockage in the artery at that time the heart attack occurs. The heart is a muscle and it needs always a good supply of blood. In this Article, We will explain Heart attack treatment at home.

The heart pain can be caused by muscle pain or digestive issues. Angina pain, which is serious is caused when the blood supply to a heart is low.

If you or your relatives have feel sudden chest pain, sweaty, lightheaded or short of breath, then you or your relative have a sudden heart attack. You have to call emergency service and until they arrive you have to take some precaution. When you are waiting, sit in a way as W, with your knees up and reclined slightly on your back and there is a support under your head. To keep yourself warm, use a blanket. You have to take 300 mg of aspirin tablet which will help to thin your blood.

Heart attacks may be all of a sudden or there may be some warning symptoms of heart attack. These signs may be as follows: Sensation of a chronic heartburn, high blood pressure, reduction of cardiovascular fitness or feeling unwell. These signs may occur before many weeks before the heart muscle actually damage enough and fail to function properly.

The major risk factors for stroke or heart attack are as follows: Hypertension, High cholesterol levels, obesity, and diabetes. Smoking may be a cause of heart attack also.

Heart attack treatment at home

Foods that you can eat to control your heart attack:


Heart Attack Treatment at Home

Garlic is an essential herb to prevent coronary heart disease. It can control high blood pressure and high cholesterol which are the cause of heart attack.

Take one to two garlic cloves and crushed them. Eat garlic cloves daily to prevent a heart attack.

Please note that garlic has blood thinning properties, so consult your physician.


Heart Attack Treatment at Home

Hawthorn is extremely good for the cardiovascular system as it helps to increase the blood flow to the heart and improves the contractions of cardiac muscles. It has an antiarrhythmic effect which helps the heartbeats steady. Take 300mg to 600mg thrice daily for some weeks.


Heart Attack Treatment at Home

Arjuna herbs are treated as the natural cardio-tonic and also cardiac restorative. It helps to improve cardiac muscles and reduces the blood pressure. Arjuna can prevent 30% angina pain attacks if used regularly.

Add one-half Arjuna herb with honey in a glass of hot water, drink thrice daily for some months.

You can take Arjuna herb 500mg in every eight hours.


Heart Attack Treatment at Home

Turmeric is enriched with an ingredient known as curcumin which helps to maintain the health of the heart by reducing cholesterol and blood clot formation.

Use turmeric in your cooking.

You can take a glass of milk with one teaspoon of turmeric and drink twice daily for a few months.

By consulting with your physician, take curcumin powder supplement, the average dosage is 400mg to 600mg to prevent a heart attack.


Herat attack can happen all of a sudden but if you maintain good food habit with some light exercise it can be prevented.

These are the points as mentioned above The Heart Attack Treatment at Home.


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