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healthy pregnancy tips

Healthy Pregnancy Tips Being a mother is the biggest happiness of a woman’s life. There are many changes in the body of a pregnant woman during pregnancy. The mother should be avoided with many things, so many other things should be taken care of. So let’s know what you should and should not do during pregnancy. What things will affect you. Here are the Top 8 Healthy Pregnancy Tips.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Take care of these things during pregnancy.

1. Count your calories from everyday  diet

To give birth to a healthy baby, the mother should take 55,000 calories per day. These calories need for the first trimester when the baby grow just like a green been, at this time you need more vitamin and minerals.

Vitamin B and folic acid are needed to prevent birth defects. Eat vegetables, whole grains, fruits and nonfat milk.

2. Consume calcium-rich foods

Calcium needs for the baby for the growth of bones and prevents bone loss for the mother. Calcium helps to reduce the risk of pregnancy-related high blood pressure and is essential for normal functioning of muscles as well as nerves.

healthy pregnancy tips

During pregnancy, the mother needs 3 glasses of low-fat milk or fortified soya milk every day and also after her pregnancy. If you cook your rice in milk instead of water you will get more calcium.

3. Consume iron-rich foods

The important source of iron can be acquired from fish, fresh chicken, cooked dried beans and protein-enriched foods. This mineral is very difficult to get enough during the time of pregnancy but very essential to maintain the normal oxygen supply to the baby, to prevent premature delivery and is also essential for the baby for normal growth. Doctors suggest taking multivitamin tablet during this time.

4. Avoid alcohol, coffee, cola, and tea

Alcohol causes the irreversible birth defects which cannot be cured. So, do not drink alcohol during pregnancy.

Consumption of coffee and other caffeine-related products may lead to the miscarriage, a low birth weight of the baby and retardation of growth.

5. Take proportionate diet

To give birth a healthy baby, the mother needs to intake more than 40 various nutrients in the right proportion. The overall health of a baby depends fully upon on mother’s nutritional condition. So, avoid low-carb diet and eat healthy proportionate diet.

healthy pregnancy tips

6. Drink enough liquids

Healthy Pregnancy Tips Getting enough liquids as water is very essential during the time of pregnancy to prevent constipation, water provides expansion of blood volumes which carries the nutrients and also oxygen to mother and her baby. Drink a glass of water after your meal. Also, drink orange juice and nonfat milk to get your necessary fluids.

7. Gain excessive body weight

Excess body weight is harmful to a woman as she will have a difficulty whether she may not conceive or during the time of pregnancy she may suffer from various pregnancy complications as gestational diabetes, stillbirth, pre-eclampsia, very preterm birth or cesarean delivery. Many women getting overweight during pregnancy and not able to lose weight after her baby’s birth and enter the obesity stage.

8. Avoid seafood

Although fish provides necessary fats as omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the development of brain and vision of a baby the side effects of fishes are as they have a toxic mineral in their body is mercury.

healthy pregnancy tips

Mercury is harmful to the nervous system. So, during pregnancy avoid eating shark, swordfish, mackerel and tilefish type fish. Remember that all fishes have some mercury level in them so, take doctor’s advice that how much a mother can eat during a week. DHA, which is very important during pregnancy is generally coming from fish but you may take DHA supplements.


To bring a baby in the earth is the dream for every mother, so try to consult your doctor all along during the time of pregnancy and be a proud mother after 10 months to give birth of a healthy baby.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Top 8 healthy pregnancy tips.



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