5 Home Remedies for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

fibrocystic breast disease

Fibrocystic Breast Disease Fibrocystic breast disease is a female disease where a lump formation is formed in the breasts. It is the noncancerous formation and not harmful at all. It is generally found in the women aged between 30 to 50. It is generally noticed before the period. It is formed due to the imbalanced hormonal changes. In This Article, we will explain Fibrocystic Breast Disease.

Fibrocystic Breast Disease 

The common symptoms of this disease are the pain in breasts and also in arms, nipple discharge, swollen breasts, a thickening of tissue and tenderness.

The female hormones are produced in ovaries and fibrocystic breast disease occurs due to the extreme changes in these hormones. The lumps are movable and their sizes may change but in some cases where there are a lot of tissues gathered together, the lumps can be remaining at the same place.

There may be a feeling of pain under your arms. There may be a dark brown or sometimes green colored discharge can be occurring from the nipples for some women.  If you find a clear or red colored fluid coming from your nipples, then at once consult your physician as this may be a symptom of breast cancer.

Natural home remedies for Fibrocystic breast disease

1. Flax seeds

You can use flax seeds which are the sources of vitamin E and B, proteins, minerals and they are also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. These will help you to maintain the breast health and minimize the chance of breast cancer. Imbalance of estrogen hormone is responsible for fibrocystic breast disease and flax seeds will help you to balance the level. So consume flax seeds every day.

fibrocystic breast disease

2. Vitamin B6

If your estrogen and also progesterone hormone levels are not in control then you may develop breast tenderness and also the pain in your breast. Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine will help you to balance the levels of hormones and reduce the chance of fibrocystic breast disease. You will find vitamin B6 in fish, potatoes and also in starchy vegetables.

3. Cold Compress

You can use ice pack which will help you to reduce the pain caused by the lump in your breasts. Do not apply ice directly to your breasts. Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and then cover with a towel and then apply for about 10 minutes in each breast. It will help you to reduce the pain and swelling.

fibrocystic breast disease

4. Heat Pad

You can use heat pad which can help you to reduce the irritation and swelling caused by the lumps. Use a heating pad or you can take a towel and put it in the warm water, Squeeze the excess water and apply the warm compress over your breast and also under your arms.

5. Ginger Oil

You can use ginger oil which will also help you reduce the pain caused by the lumps in your breasts due to fibrocystic disease. Massage your breasts with ginger oil for about two to three minutes daily and then take hot compress, which will also help you to reduce your lumps.

fibrocystic breast disease


Fibrocystic breast disease is not a harmful disease and if you follow the above process your pain will reduce but it is better to take the advice from your physician for a better suggestion.

So, these are the above mentioned about fibrocystic breast disease.


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