8 Diabetes symptoms – Common Symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes symptoms
Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes symptoms Diabetes mellitus is a disease where blood glucose level is too high than the normal level. Glucose is formed by the foods we eat every day. Insulin hormone is responsible to make glucose and transfer to cells to produce energy. When insulin hormone production is not sufficient as required or body cells are refuse properly to respond to insulin hormone, then diabetes occurs in the human body. The patients who are suffering from this disease experience “Polyuria” where excessive urination occurs. They also suffer from “Polydipsia” where patients are very thirsty and “Polyphagia” where patients are very hungry. In This Article, We will Explain Diabetes symptoms.


When Type 1 diabetes occurs human body fails to produce insulin hormone.  When Type 2 diabetes occurs, human body failed to produce insulin hormone or failed to use it. Glucose will remain in the blood without insulin hormone.

Too much glucose in the blood will cause serious problems over the time. It will gradually damage eyes, nerves, and kidneys of the human body.



Diabetes symptoms


1. Frequent urination than the normal person

When a person is going to urinate more frequently, that can mark as a symptom of diabetes. This is the result occurs when there is enough glucose in the blood of a human body, the patient will urinate more frequently than the normal person.


Diabetes symptoms


2. The patient will thirstier than the normal person

If a patient will urinate more frequently, then lost water or fluid should be fulfilled by the new one. A patient having diabetes will drink more often in order to fulfill to replace the lost fluid.


3. The patient with diabetes will be hungrier than the normal person

When insulin hormone will not working properly to make glucose which will give energy, the human body will try to find energy. As a result, the patient will be hungrier than the normal person.


4. The patient having diabetes will lose weight

The patient having Type 1 diabetes will face the problem to lose unusual weight. When there is no insulin production in the human body the muscle tissue, as well as fat in the human body, will break down completely to give the supply of energy, then unusual body weight loss will occur.


Diabetes symptoms


5. The patient will have blurred vision

This is the most common problem with those having diabetes. The tissues are pulled out from eye lenses in order to produce energy without insulin hormone. This can move towards permanent blindness so proper treatment of eyes is required.


6. The patient will feel tired

As the insulin hormone is not working properly, the glucose production will not flow into the cells which cause cells to provide no energy. This will cause the diabetic patient more tired.


7. The cuts and wounds will not heal properly or quickly

The patient having diabetes has always more glucose in his/her body which causes to heal the cuts and wounds longer time than usual.


8. The patient will be irritated quickly

As there is lack of glucose to produce energy in the cells, the patient having diabetes will be irritated quickly with no reason at all.

All those symptoms discussed above will be the cause of diabetes. If some symptoms occur, then it is advisable to consult the physician immediately.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Diabetes symptoms.


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