Best Long Haircuts – Long Hair Bangs & Types of Bangs


Millions of women never give up their long hair, many have been wearing it for years and do not worry about cutting their tips or making a new cut. It’s time to change your look and give your hair life and movement. Power your beauty according to your age with the best long haircuts you’ll find here.

We also bring long haircuts for the princesses of the house, for women of 30.40 and 50 years. Because all of them must renew their look and be beautiful every day. Do not wait any longer and dare to change with the best long haircuts that we will share with you today.

Before starting with the long haircuts, we will talk a little about the fringes. Since not all women and girls looks like bangs in the same way. Knowing which one suits you will influence the decision of your next long haircut. With this small detail you will make the change of look for 2018.

Types of bangs

The great secret to wear an enviable haircut is the following three factors: your style, the type of face and the type of hair. Let’s start with to see each fringe and for what type of face each one is.

Rolinga: This fringe has the characteristic of being cut in the middle, women with a very strong personality are those who risk wearing this type of bangs. Famous as Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne and Rooney Mara, have worn several times the fringe rolinga with long hair. The faces that this bangs can wear are heart-shaped and oval. Girls do not usually wear this type of bangs.

Straight: The classic of all fringes is the straight one, it suits all types of lengths. It favors most faces as squares and angles. This fringe will soften your beautiful features. Faces that do not fit the straight fringe, is the round face. So be very careful if you have this type of face since you will make your face look more round if you choose it.

Straight long hair felquillo

On the side: Many women opt for this fringe, it is very easy to wear to make it look good to all kind of faces. It is more favorable for round ones, for those with curly hair it is a good option. The girls look more angelic with bangs on their sides. Let’s see some images of side bangs for long hair.

Long hair girls bangs

Deformed: Also called fringed, your goal is to give more volume in the front area of ​​your hair. For those who have curly hair this fringe is not recommended, the women who can wear it are those with straight and thin hair. The faces that can be worn with long hair are round and square.

Flecked bangs girl long hair

One of the secrets to be perfect every day is the maintenance of bangs, as the hair grows it loses its shape. For those who do not have so much time to go to the hairdresser they use a hook to pick it up, others choose to watch videos on social networks and cut it at home. But in reality it is best to cut it every month with a professional. If you are a woman of 40, 50 or 60 years and decided to wear bangs, we recommend you touch up the roots if you have dyed it because it is unsightly.

Long hair cuts for girls

Every girl must learn that appearance is something fundamental that every woman should have, the tendency of long hair does not go out of fashion. So if your daughter or niece has a long time without cutting her hair, we suggest these long haircuts for girls who are in a heart attack.

Girls with long hair has many advantages, you can make haircuts in layers for girls  is a very comfortable cut for them. This haircut will make the girl’s hair have more volume and movement. You can wear it with bangs on the side, with straight bangs and no bangs. It has the advantage of creating any type of hairstyle for any party you have.

There are other styles like straight haircuts for girls, you can accompany them with bangs. Try not to be a nuisance to your vision. The straight cut will make the girl’s face look longer, make the most of your daughter’s hair so that she is in the latest trends of long haircuts for girls.

Long haircuts for teenagers

As women grow up they change their appearance both in dressing and combing. Some are guided by the haircuts of their favorite singers, and others follow other trends such as emo haircuts. These cuts have the characteristics of being smooth with long bangs and tip, are taken daily there is no need to have a party to wear a long haircut for teenagers. The emo haircut favors two types of face square and round.

The emo haircuts are usually seen over black color, although many teenagers have risked add color to your court. It has the characteristics of being long with a fringe of side that covers the vision and with several layers. As the years pass, the fringe of the emo cut has been changing and does not cover the vision as much as before.

Smooth long hair cuts

Having straight hair is a great advantage, since you can make the haircut that you like the most. Some women have abundant hair, but there are other women who have it too thin, and they need more volume. For them we have achieved these long straight hair cuts that will help you to have a mane with more volume and movement.

To give more life you can opt for long hair cuts, this cut will make your face more and give more life to your straight hair. As for the fringes, use them because they were made for straight hair, so if you have a face for bangs, do not forget to wear it. The layers well marked on the sides as the images that you can see below will make your features stand out more, add some wicks to intensify the result of the cut.

Wavy long hair cuts

For 2018 you already have to have the long hair cut chosen, because you have to show the new trends in your wavy hair. You have the advantage of not using curling irons to give more volume to your hair, just making a cut in long layers you can show off a spectacular change. Bring the bangs on your side if you have a long face, if you have a heart type, take it open as you will see in the images below.

There are few women who take advantage of their wavy mane, you are not one of them dare to change and get a new haircut long wavy. A change of look every so often is always necessary, you cannot live your whole life with the same style.

Curly long hair cuts

Curly hair makes women look more wild and sensual, and although this type of hair is harder to tame we will show you some haircuts so that you look fashionable, and be easier to handle. We want to highlight by means of the long haircuts for curly hair,  that sensuality that women who have curly hair wear inside. As we indicated at the beginning of the article the bangs influence a lot since it will help to mark your face, depending on the type you have it.

For long curly hair it is better to wear a long bang and side if you have a long face, you can also open the bangs in half if you have a square face. Observe the following images to inspire you for your next curly long hair cut 2018, and choose the one that most resembles you.

Long hair cuts with stripe in between

One of the trends that promises to stay until 2018 are the long haircuts with stripe in the middle, this look is very comfortable to wear every day and looks for all faces. It is carried out the catwalks and by many celebrities of the world of the cinema like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel and the famous model of Victoria’s Secrets Alessandra Ambrosio. The cuts hair parted in the middle can be accompanied with layered haircuts, if you have fine hair that tends to flatten. The wavy hair is also favored with this type of cut. They are ideal for elongated faces.

Long hair cuts without bangs

The elongated faces are perfect to wear these long hair cuts without bangs, many are those who have chosen not to wear the fringe, Sometimes it takes time to make the decision to make a haircut without bangs or bangs. Let’s look at the first image and see how the face changes with the two options. We take as an example the famous Cuban Ana de Armas.

Long hair cuts for 40 year old women

At the age of 40, we already want to look different, some like to eliminate all their long hair, but others like to keep the length of their hair. For her we have selected the following long haircuts for women of 40 years. As we know that over the years and some wrinkles are noticing in the contour of our eyes, for these cases it is suggested to wear an open bangs as does Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz and Sarah Jessica Parker among other famous.

50 years old women’s haircuts

When we reach 50 years is when we want more change because we want to look younger, we must take advantage of this decade because it is when we are in full bloom. A trick that is very easy to do is to have a new long haircut for women of 50 years, to subtract some years. You do not need creams or anything just making some changes to your hair will have an anti-aging effect. You can leave the bangs long or short.

A reference that we will give you is the actress Demi Moore who is now 50 years old, she has a straight and fine hair, without bangs and open in the middle. We also find the actress Sandra Bullock who has a square face and has chosen a straight haircut without bangs and opened in half.

Always choose different hairstyles that are more youthful, so that you look radiant every day and with less age. You have the option to wear your natural gray hair or dye it the color that suits you best. There are many options, only you decide which to take.

60 Year old women’s haircuts

Celebrate this stage of your life, wearing a new long haircut for 60 year old women. Sometimes we need to see some people to guide us on how we will get the haircut. We will show you the famous actress Meryl Streep, at 68 she is one of the women who has always preferred to wear her long hair. Although on some occasions for work he has looked short, but his favorite is long. Then there is the singer Madonna who does not give up her long hair either.

There are no limits to show a long hair to your 60 years. The cuts can be from long layers, straight haircuts,  to long hair cuts graffilated on the sides.

Do you want to see more long haircuts ? We know that we do, because we are women and we love to see many suggestions before we get a new haircut. We will share with you the following  photos of long haircuts, we hope they are of great help and of adequate inspiration to look different and leave the same haircuts that have been with you for a long time.

Do not forget to share the long haircut that you like the most with your friends, colleagues, co-workers and family. See you next article with more surprises and more suggestions for you.


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