Azur Derma Reviews – Best Cream to Fight Aging Quickly


A very renowned medicine, since Azur Derma is given as the best in treatment for acnes. The great thing, however, is that it is somewhat strong for the body, so its use should always be indicated by a health professional and if it causes a reaction, they should be the first to be notified as soon as possible to prevent any consequences.

What is it for?

Azur Derma is very well recommended for cases of aging signs or severe, which are too inflamed nodules and acnes with a risk of leaving definitive scars.

Even the name being Azur Derma, being commercialized by the company Roche, the compound that acts in the organism is the Isotretinoina, that can be found in several other names in the pharmacies.

Treatment with this medicine is best for patients who cannot cure the problem with antibiotics, which are the milder options.

What is Composition?

Excipients: Karion 83, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, soybean oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, yellow wax, gelatin, partially hydrogenated soybean oil and glycerol 85%.

How to take?

Azur Derma being a medicine in cream, should be swallowed, without chewing and this before sleeping, since it is a very strong cream.

It should be prescribed by health experts who are experienced in the use of systemic retinoids and are aware of the risk of teratogenicity associated with the isotretinoin procedure.

The cream should also be use once or twice a day.

It is essential to follow the medical advice, always respecting the times and doses recommended during the total time of treatment.

Finally, the medicine should not be used outside the validity, should not be interrupted the treatment without the knowledge of the doctor and should not be broken or chewed for consumption.

Do you have side effects or contraindications?

The effects of Azur Derma listed below, may or may not happen, as each organism differs greatly from person to person as we well know. However, the most common effects, in the first place, of most people are dry mouth, eyes and skin.

Check out the other side effects: Spontaneous abortion, vision disorders, weight gain, increased cholesterol and triglyceride rates, liver overload, allergic reactions, cracked lips, headaches, nose bleeding and muscle aches.

How much? What’s his Price?

The price of Azur Derma cream varies as it can be seen with different names in pharmacies because of the company where it is manufactured. Its price ranges from R $ 26.59 to R $ 60.00, the highest price of which is available from the official website and the lowest price being the generic.

Where to Buy Cheapest?

Azur Derma or also known as anti aging cream, has a not so high price, that in fact can be considered a very affordable price for being a strong and very effective remedy for the treatment of acnes.

The lowest value can be found for $ 26.59 at the farm delivery, which is the generic medicine.


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