Air Pollution Causes, Effects of Air Pollution and Solutions

Air Pollution Causes
Air Pollution Causes

Air Pollution Causes In the present day world and in the nearby future Air Pollution is one of the major cause of disease. If there will not be any solution to this then that time is very near when people could not be able to put one step outside of there home or vehicle. We will not see the children playing in the parks because the air will be so polluted and contaminated that it will difficult to get sufficient oxygen. In this Article, we will explain Air Pollution Causes, Effects of Air Pollution and Solutions.



Effects of air pollution



Air Pollution Causes


There is not a few but a large number of causes of Air Pollution. But at the present time most important of them are Industries and Vehicles.
The smoke coming from industries is so polluted that in some cities it makes a kind of smog in the sky.


In the ancient time animals were used for transportation and then vehicles replace them. And now at the present time, there are so many vehicles in works that they are uncountable and animals are mistreated cruelly and there condition is horrible. One vehicle produces enough pollution to contaminate some percentage of air so now we can’t even imagine how many vehicles are there and how much do they pollute the atmosphere. We should not forget that we have only Earth and what are we giving to our future generation?! Pollution. If we could not give them a good environment to breathe in then all our technologies are useless.


Beijing is the highest polluted city in the world. Spending one day in Beijing is like smoking 3 packets of cigarette. But people still live there. And it’s not like now industries and vehicles are less there, No, they are same. According to scientists, that time is very near when people will have to move to some other places for fresh air. And the government will start evacuation process to save the people.
Delhi is also one of the most polluted cities in the world.


Effects of air pollution

Air Pollution Causes Effect on the Body


Effects of air pollution There are a large number of long-term health-related effects on various organs of the body.
Some of them are Carcinoma of the lung, Various Cardiovascular Disease, Lung Cancer. And even damage to brain, Liver, Nerves, and Kidney.
Coughing, chest tightness, irritation in the throat, shortness of breath are some very common symptoms of Air Pollution.
Indoor air pollution can also be as dangerous to us because it has been seen that pollutants released indoor are many times more likely to reach the lung than outdoor.
Burning woods also cause air pollution but is not as dangerous as industries and vehicles.
Burning plastic is also a major cause because it produces so many poisonous gases while burning.


Most susceptible to major health problems by air pollution are

  • People with cardiovascular disease and other coronary artery diseases.
  • People with lung disease such as emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Outdoor workers and Athletes.
  • Children who are under the age of 14.
  • And Pregnant Women.


How we can stop it

  • By using CNG vehicles instead of Diesel or Petrol Vehicles.
  • Nowadays electric card also uses which do not air pollution.
    Till now there is no proper solution for industrial gases.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Air Pollution Causes.


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