8 Incredible Lessons From 8 Months Sober (What You NEED To Know)


8 Lessons From 8 Months Clean And Sober

When you first quit drinking, newfound sobriety is almost like a high of its own. Many experiences, thoughts, and feelings you have it seems are happening for the first time. It’s like your eyes are finally opening and you see the people, places, and things around you in a brand new light.

As time goes on, however, things change.

As sobriety becomes the norm, you might start to feel you’re missing out. You might even wonder if this sobriety thing is really all it’s cracked up to be.

The good news is that things change.

You’ll have your ups and downs, for sure, but as time goes on things do tend to even out. It takes time and patience, but so does everything else worth fighting for.

So, what can you expect from 8 months of sobriety? Find out now!

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1. You can’t just like it – You’ve gotta LOVE it!

sober celebration milestone

What’s “it”? EVERYTHING!

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Sure… it’s completely impossible to make sure everything in life is absolutely perfect. There will always be room for improvement. But your standards get a huge boost from not being able to numb out or create artificial excitement using alcohol. You simply require a higher quality of everything to be satisfied.

Events that you once thought were fun, you might realize really are quite dull without the booze. You may find yourself having less in common with people who you spent time with before. Things you used to think were really cool can become… well, basic and boring.

You’ve made it 8 whole months without alcohol! You deserve to level up and be in love with what you’re doing, where you’re going, who you’re seeing, what you’re eating, how you treat yourself, how others treat you, and everything else too!


2. Check in with your mate

sober relationship support 8 months sober

One of the best things you can do to ensure success in quitting drinking is getting your significant other on board.

No, they don’t have to stop drinking just because you do. But they do need to be respectful of your decision and honor any compromises you’ve agreed upon. It’s only right.

By the time you hit 8 months sober, you’re a lot stronger than you were in the early months. Maybe your boyfriend sees your growth. Your drinking husband might feel you’re “cured”. They might unknowingly start reintroducing behaviors that can derail you if you’re not careful.

Check in with them! Talk to them about where you’re feeling, how you’re doing and what you need from them in terms of support.

Even if things are going well and they aren’t doing anything potentially triggering, it’s still great to have open communication.

Staying on the same page with your significant other is key, especially if you live together.


3. Self-care becomes more important than ever

8 months sober self care

Navigating the peaks and valleys of early sobriety, you’ve probably had some bumps and bruises.

Maybe you went through a (very common) phase where you sweet-tooth ran wild, so you went stir-crazy on cookies, cakes, and candy.

Perhaps you transferred addictions and began emotional eating to self-soothe when you couldn’t drink.

Maybe you now drink more caffeine than you know you really should, or you still haven’t experienced the sober weight loss you were expecting.

By 8 months sober you’re probably somewhat “settled” in sobriety. Not that everything is easy all the time, but you at least know what to expect. You’ve had some good days/weeks and some bad. You know that there will be waves, and how to ride them when they come.

That said, with all the uncertainty and weirdness out of the way, you can finally tackle some things you’ve been neglecting.

Go ahead and hone-in more closely on your diet plan. Evaluate how much caffeine you’re taking in per day. Are you getting enough water and exercise? How’s your beauty routine? Could you be doing more to take care of both your insides and your gorgeous exterior?

Now is the time to consider upping your self-care and beauty regimen, check-in with any new bad habits you’ve formed and create some seriously good daily practices and routines.


4. You are still one drink away from day one

Demi Lovato addiction recovery relapse drug overdose

Though no two recovery stories are the same, by 8 months sober many grow confident that they are in the clear.

While it’s good to feel self-assured, please keep in mind that you are still human.

Don’t get too comfortable, because you’re still just one drink away from day one.

Late July 2018 it was widely reported that singer Demi Lovato, who had openly struggled with addiction over the years and had long-term success with sobriety, was hospitalized due to a drug overdose.

This heartbreaking news hit home for many in recovery because if you’ve struggled with substance abuse for any length of time, you know how difficult it really can be.

When someone in the limelight who seems to have it all … the fame, the beauty, the money, the glamour… hits rock bottom and has to start all over from day one, it serves as a reality check for those with fewer resources and no celebrity.

If it can happen to the rich, the famous, the beautiful starlets of Hollywood, it can happen to you too.

Be careful.


Slow it down

 8 months alcohol recovery meditation

In the earlier months of sobriety, many in recovery feel it best to spend tons of time and energy repairing things broken during their drinking days. You’re moving things around, mending old relationships, fixing financial problems, taking up new hobbies, discovering new passions. All this is great. Good for you!

But maybe it’s okay to slow it down just a little bit. Be present and live in the moment some.

8 months without alcohol is a huge accomplishment. You’ve likely changed and grown more in the past 8 months than in the previous few years of your drinking days combined.

Take a little time to reflect upon that in your sobriety gratitude journal, relax with a little meditation or light yoga. You deserve it!


Don’t forget to celebrate

8 months sober celebrate

It’s so important to treat yourself from time to time, especially when you make such a sweeping change as recovering from alcohol dependence.

Celebrating your sobriety milestones is a great way to be kind to yourself, acknowledge your accomplishment, and continue to give yourself new things to look forward to.

At 8 months sober, the BIG sobriety milestone of one year is just a few short months away. How will you celebrate?

Click here for some amazing sobriety celebration ideas!


Reminisce and compare

8 months alcohol recovery

With a year in sobriety approaching, you’re likely coming up on some important dates, events or holidays that you are experiencing sober for the first time.

Comparing and reminiscing where you are this time versus last time is an effective strategy to keep you focused and appreciative of how far you’ve come in the past 8 months.

Is your birthday or that of a friend or family member right around the corner? Do you remember being pass out drunk this time last year? Did you ever think you would make it this far? Well, you did!

Pretty cool to think about things in that light. Reflection is key!


You’re still growing

personal growth 8 months sober

Being clear and free from alcohol for 8 months is such a beautiful thing. You’ve likely learned so much more about yourself than you ever imagined.

Whether you’re in this great, beautiful, solidly happy place with your sobriety right now, or you’ve still got major kinks to work out, know that you’re STILL learning, STILL growing, and there’s so much more in store for you!

Research has shown that while some areas of the brain recover quickly after abstaining from alcohol, others can take years to return to normal.

That means that yes, your 8 months sober IS a reason to be grateful, but you can’t expect full recovery and stability just yet.

You’re still in active recovery and should expect things to take a bit longer yet to even out.

You’ve got time. Take it easy.


8 Months Sober Is Outstanding

Alcohol addiction recovery gets easier when you learn what to expect from sobriety and sober living ahead of time. Here are 8 incredible lessons from 8 months of alcohol sobriety after you stop drinking and quit alcohol

8 months sober is an amazing accomplishment. If you’ve made it this far you’ve got a lot to be grateful for, you’ve learned a lot and you’ve also got plenty to look forward to.

Take some time to reflect on the past and make plans for an incredible future. You’ve earned it! 




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