6 Work From Home Online Jobs That ANYBODY Can Try!


How Would You Like To Work From Home?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom seeking a little extra income to add to the household, a broke college student struggling to make ends meet, or just have a bit of free time on your hands and want to earn additional cash, the internet has made it super easy to work from home and make money online!

Opportunities are literally endless!

If you want to start a full-fledged 6-figure business, you can. But that takes time, money and a lot of work.

Not everybody wants or needs to build an online empire.

For those who want something quick, easy and flexible, here are 6 SUPER-SIMPLE work from home jobs that literally ANYBODY can try!

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Work At Home Jobs ANYBODY Can Try

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1- Taking Surveys For Cash

Do you like answering questions and sharing your opinions about products and services you know of and use?

If so, you might be a great candidate for paid surveys!

All you do is sign up to one of the many survey sites, like Survey Junkie.

You fill out an introductory survey that asks general information like age, race, income, and location.

Based on that information you’ll gain access to opinion-based surveys that you can take online to earn cold, hard cash!

The best thing about this is that it’s really fast and easy.

You can fill them out in a couple of minutes while waiting in line at the grocery store. While your baby is asleep. Or in between studying for midterm exams.

Possibilities are endless, and the money really adds up!

Ready to give it a try? Click here to get started with Survey Junkie right now. It’s totally FREE, and you can start taking surveys for cash in a matter of minutes!


2- Self-Publishing Kindle E-books & Selling Them Online

self publishing kindle books passive income

If you’re a great writer or have a little cash to invest, publishing short, non-fiction e-books and selling them online is a great way to generate extra passive income from home!

There is a bit of a learning curve, and it can take a couple weeks to several months to really get the ball rolling.

But once you get it, the money comes in virtually on auto-pilot!

Click here to see how I earn over $10,000 every month by self-publishing e-books online!

Or if you want to jump in right away, click here for the course I recommend!


3- Start A Blog

Do you have a passionate hobby that you can teach others to excel at?

Have you overcome a major life challenge and you’re confident you can help others get through it too?

Are you a fashionista who loves sharing outfit and beauty tips?

Or maybe you have a gift for inspiring and uplifting others and encouraging them to be their best?

If any of these situations apply to you and you enjoy writing to some degree, maybe you should consider starting a blog!

Blogging can be an extremely lucrative way to make money online.

Some bloggers clear 6-figures monthly, all from the comfort of their own homes!

If you think you’d like to try your hand at blogging, start today for just $4!


4- Get Paid To Test Websites

passive income kindle publishing

You ever been to a website and click a link and it’s just… dead?

Chances are that company or webmaster skipped a crucial step in running websites – user testing!

In case you’ve never heard of user testing, let me tell you it’s a real thing, and you can make some pretty good extra cash doing it!

The way it works is you sign up with your basic demographics like age, occupation, family size, and location.

Companies with websites submit requests for people in target demographics to use their site and give their opinion on things such as ease of use, whether or not navigation makes sense, graphics and color schemes, and more!

Tests range from a quick minute-long general impression to longer reviews or actual tasks like putting items in checkout or joining a mailing list.

Want to give this a try? Here are some of the top user testing sites. All are FREE to join!


5- Become A Freelancer

relax without alcohol

Do you have skills that may be in high demand but don’t necessarily want to start an entire business?

If so, freelancing may be for you!

There are unlimited options for freelancing for extra money.

Possibilities are endless!

You can become a ghostwriter and get paid to write blog posts and short stories.

If you are artistic, you can get paid for selling stock photography or designing web graphics.

If you’ve got administrative skills you can become a virtual assistant, helping others run their businesses more smoothly.

You can be a social media manager, a transcriptionist, an audio narrator for voice-overs…

If you’re good at Excel or data analysis you can do that too!

Curious about where to start?

Try Fiverr or Upwork. Both are free to join, easy to use and pay on time!


6- Sell Crafts

If you like making things and have a creative streak, why not get paid for something you enjoy? There are several marketplaces where you can create listings for your beautiful handmade items and earn some extra cash online!

Here are just a few:


How Will YOU Make Money From Home?

passive income how to get started

As you can see, there are so many possibilities for anybody to earn money working from home!

With the right combination of skills, resourcefulness, and desire, you can join the hundreds of thousands of people who harness the power of the internet to increase their quality of life by making money without ever leaving their homes.




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