6 Valid and Amazing Reasons To Shower With Your Man Every Day!!!


Did you know that on average people spend around 4 thousand hours of their life showering? Surprisingly for most people, this is so much more time spend then reading books, training, playing with animals or studying. 

Therefore, psychologists say that it is important to spend this time in a way that is advantageous to you and your family.

Have you ever took a shower with your partner. If not we recommend you to give it a try next time. Not only you will save water but also you will strengthen your relationship, save time, improve hygiene, provide romance and so much more.

Here are 6 reasons why next time you go to the bathroom to take a shower you should include your partner as well.

1. It saves you time and water Taking a shower together is a great method of water preservation and saving time. If you both need to get up early for work, then you don’t have to argue about whose turn it is to take a shower first. Just do it together.

2. It is good for your hygiene. It is hard to clean every inch of the body alone. This way you can help each other with your partner. Teamwork always provides better results.

3. It can be very sweet and romantic. The most important benefit you will have is you will create a much stronger bond with your partner. Moments like shampooing your boyfriend’s head accompanied with some essential oils and candles on a side are something you’ll remember.

4. It is a great way to have fun. Just imagine how fun showering together could be! You can both sing songs, splash water at each other, dance and make strange hairstyles out of wet shampooed hair. Sounds like fun, right?

5. It can be a wonderful foreplay before your night together. If you have a problem with the intimate part of the relationship this will surely help you get back on a track.

6. It strengthens your bond. A shower is a very personal thing and if you have reached the comfort level of taking a shower together, you have moved on to a completely different comfort level in your relationship.

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