6 Creative Sobriety Celebration Ideas



6 Creative Sobriety Celebration Ideas

As my dear sober friend Jocellyn stated in her sobriety interview, it’s important to celebrate sobriety milestones. Whether weeks, months or years, any sober time after you’ve been struggling for so long is a huge achievement. Go ahead and give yourself a little treat…You’ve earned it!

The thing is, many of us problem drinkers are used to alcohol as the celebration, especially earlier along in our journeys. To help with that, I’ve put together a few of my top sobriety celebration ideas. Check these out and let me know what you think!

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1. Treat Yo ‘Self

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Perhaps the easiest way to celebrate sobriety milestones of all kinds is with a treat of some sort. This can be something small like a special dessert you don’t always eat, to something more expensive like a nice piece of jewelry.

The important thing is that it’s special to you in some way. Don’t be basic here, either! Don’t just go get the same dessert or meal you always get. Really make it unique in some way!

Take your time, enjoy it, and reflect on what a great job you’re doing kicking alcohol’s behind!


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2. Pamper Yourself

This is one of my favorites. It’s a bit more time-consuming and depending on what “pampering” means to you, it can also be a tad bit costly. But it’s one of the best sobriety gifts because it gives multiple benefits. It gives you space and time to relax and reflect, self-care is such a mood booster, and you emerge looking and feeling great!

Some ideas for self-pampering include a nice, long bubble bath with luxurious bath bombs, body scrubs and candles, a homemade manicure/pedicure combo, and an ah-maaaazing facial.

My all-time-fave outside pampering is a spa date!

If it’s not something you do frequently, check out Groupon! In many areas, they offer spa packages at discounted rates. A nice hour-long massage can have you emerging feeling like a new woman!

If that’s not a great way to celebrate sobriety milestones, I don’t know what is!


3. Take A Vacation

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With my six-month soberversary right around the corner, hubby and I have opted to go on a quick getaway.

I am beyond excited! If something like this is in your budget, I think it’s a great way to celebrate, recharge and have some fun.


4. Share Your Story

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Sometimes the biggest gift to yourself is giving back. It can be so fulfilling to help others.

Sharing your story is one of the best things you can do. Your struggles, advice, realizations, and successes are so powerful and valuable, and you never know who you might inspire.

The road to recovery can be so long and hard, and everybody’s situation is different.

If you’d like to share your story here on the blog, check out our inspirational interviews, then let me know. I’d love to feature you!


5. Set It In Stone

sobriety tattoo

This may not be for everybody, but perhaps you could get a sobriety tattoo? I’d probably reserve this for longer milestones of at least a year or more, but it could be a beautiful way to commemorate the beginning of your new life.

I’m considering this for my one-year sobriety gift to myself, but I’m not sure just yet!


6. Get Loved Ones Involved

sober 4th of july tips

Finally, getting loved ones involved and having a small celebration or get together is an outstanding way to celebrate your sobriety. It doesn’t have to be anything huge like a 100-person party. It can be as small as a few family members or friends sharing a cake or a meal with you.

While in the beginning, it can be hard to garner the support of loved ones, chances are by the time you get some sober time under your belt, the lives of those around you have improved drastically as a direct result of your life change.

Sobriety makes you better all the way around, and the people in your life who love you are likely incredibly proud of you. Having their support at such a special time as a sobriety milestone is not only cause for celebration, but fuel to continue.


Celebrate Like The Sober Superstar You Are!


sobriety celebration ideas



In conclusion, no matter how you choose to celebrate sobriety milestones, make sure you get like Nike and “just do it”!

It’s so important for self-love and self-care to acknowledge this really great thing you’ve done. Not everybody makes it to where you are. It really is a big effin’ deal. And you deserve it. So get that treat, throw that party, enjoy that massage…

You’ve earned it!




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