5 Home remedies for Acne – Remedies For Pimples

Home remedies for acne
Home remedies for acne

Home remedies for acne About 85% of people in the world are suffering from acne. It is the most common skin problem among people. When the pores of the skin are clogged due to oil and dead skin cells only then acne occurs. Sebaceous glands are directly connected with the pores of the skin. These glands are secreting a serum which is known as “Sebum”. When sebum secretion is more, then the pores are clogged then a bacteria formed there is known as “Propionibacterium acnes” or P. acnes. This bacteria attacks white blood cells causing inflammation and acne. The most common symptoms are pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. In This Article, We Will Explain Home remedies for acne.


Home remedies for acne


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermenting of apple and it has the ability to fight with acne. It has some organic acids which can kill Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes. Apple cider vinegar contains succinic acid and lactic acid which can kill P. acne bacteria and improve acne scars.


How to use apple cider vinegar

Take 1 part of apple cider vinegar and mix with 3 parts of water.

Clean the affected skin properly and apply the mixture with a cotton ball gently to the skin.

Wait for 5 to 20 seconds and clean the skin with plain water and dry your skin.

Repeat this process from one or more times if needed.


Home remedies for acne


Honey and cinnamon mask

Both honey and cinnamon are good antioxidants. The mixture of honey and cinnamon can reduce inflammation and can fight P. acne bacteria.


How to prepare the mask

Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of honey to make a paste.

Clean the affected skin and apply the mask, wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Clean the mask and dry your skin.


Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the extraction of leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, which can be found in Australia. Tea tree oil can fight with P. acne bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin. Always dilute properly before applying to your skin as tea tree oil is very strong.


Home remedies for acne


How to use tea tree oil

Take 1 part of tea tree oil and mix with 9 parts of water.

Clean your skin and use a cotton ball dip into the mixture and apply gently to the affecting skin.

Use moisturizer if needed.

Repeat this process from one or more times if needed.


Use Aloe Vera Moisturizer

 Aloe Vera gel is very good to fight with bacteria. It generally uses to treat burns, wounds, and rashes. Aloe Vera gel contains salicylic acid and Sulphur which is very effective for the treatment of acne.


How to use Aloe Vera Gel

Apply the gel directly to the affected areas as the moisturizer.

Repeat if you wish to apply throughout the day.


Use green tea solution to your skin

Green tea contains flavonoids and tannins which can fight bacteria and reduce the inflammation caused by acne. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate is the main antioxidant in green tea which is proved to lower the sebum secretion and fight inflammation and reduce the growth of acne bacteria.


How to use green tea

Boil green tea leaves for 4 to 5 minutes.

Let the tea to cool absolutely.

Use a cotton ball to apply green tea solution to the affected skin.

Allow to dry properly, then rinse with water and dry your skin.

These are some tips to fight with acne without medicines prescribed by the doctor. All these are available in your home. Use which can suit you.

These are the points as mentioned above of The Home remedies for acne.



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