4 Money Affirmations That CATAPULTED My Income In Just One Year


Money Affirmations & Positive Mindset For Success

Back in October of 2017, I was at a crossroads.

My Kindle Publishing business had just begun to pick up steam and I believed I could do well enough, but I knew I wanted more.

I didn’t know where this more would come from or how I’d even go about getting this more, but I’ve always been interested in the law of attraction, positive thinking, and affirmations.

While I generally believe in following concrete, actionable “how-to” steps to achieve my goals, I’d be leaving out a huge part of my journey toward financial success if I didn’t share just one more thing

I did some heavy work on my mindset.

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 My Money Affirmations ALL Came True

how much money does it cost to start blogging?

Today I’m going to go out on a limb and share my very real, deeply personal money affirmations.

Just the other day I opened my journal from a year ago and re-read it.

I was blown away at how I currently live, breathe and experience the life I affirmed twelve months ago.

Whether you believe money affirmations work or not, I’m hoping you can take away something at least a little positive and hopeful for your own journey going forward.


How I Created My Money Affirmations

female freelancer working outdoors

I’m no expert on any of this stuff.

I haven’t read a ton of books on the subject (yet… but now that I see my affirmations came true I’m ON it).

I haven’t been very metaphysical or deep into things that aren’t scientific or proven to work, either until very recently.

I just know that the first step to achieving anything worth having is to THINK you can.

If you think it’s easy to make money, chances are it’ll come a lot easier to you than if you think it’s hard.


So, to create my money affirmations I just wrote freeform in my journal!

I wrote a bunch of feelings I wanted to experience.

I stayed away from numbers like “I want $10,000” because on some level I don’t think it’s really the dollar amount that’s important.

It’s the ability to generate an unlimited amount of money, easily.

At least that’s how I approached it.

In a nutshell, I just thought about how I wanted to feel about money, wrote that down, and reflected upon it every day until honestly, I got busy and forgot about it.

But I don’t think it forgot about me.


4 Money Affirmations That Worked For Me

money affirmations that work

Since I’m just testing the waters here, I’ll start with 4 money affirmations that worked for me.

I’ll include a description of why I created each affirmation and illustrate how it has come true in my daily life, exactly one year later!

Depending on the response I get, I’m open to sharing more of the abstract ideas I have about wealth and prosperity.

So if you like this, let me know and I’d love to share more! ????


1- I know where to put my focus and energy to achieve optimal results.

Back then: I wanted to believe this because honestly, business is scary.

Nobody is born an expert.

It’s all uncharted territory.

When you start working for yourself, you don’t even know if you’ve got what it takes to make it.

You’re acutely aware that it could literally be a big ole waste of time.

It’s blood, sweat, sleepless nights, tears, wins, losses… and you never know if the move you’re making is even the right one.

I wanted to feel confident that even though I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ll always intuitively do the right thing.


passive income how to get started

Today: About a week ago (before stumbling upon my old affirmations journal) I told my husband how amazing I feel with my blog growth because no matter how easy it looks, any blogger can tell you blogging is friggin’ HARD.

There are many avenues you can take.

Many choices on what activity to do on a given day.

The topics you write about, the way you design promotional materials, people and networks you choose to work with, learning new technological skills.

It’s hard.

It’s confusing.

And nobody knows what they’re doing in the beginning.

But you know I’ve just gone with my flow over the past months since I’ve been blogging and it’s working.

Every day I get up early, do what instinctively feels right, and I’m on track to beat my end-of-year goal a little early!

Money Affirmation #1 came true.


2- I am creative, intelligent and have profitable ideas.

8 hour diet intermittent fasting

Back then: I had yet to start blogging and my only business was Kindle Publishing.

In an earlier post, I wrote about why Kindle publishing is harder now than it was a couple years ago.

So I was weathering a few storms there.

I felt that in order to succeed anywhere, at any time and through anything, creativity, intelligence and the ability to come up with fresh new ideas would be necessary.

So I affirmed those.


make money online kindle

Today: I still earn 5-figures monthly in the self-publishing industry, and this is 100% due to some very important, key changes I made to my business.

One example is while hubby and I were out on a lunch date, I had a flicker of an idea to become a talent agency of sorts.

I saw a demand for audiobook narrators in the self-publishing industry.

I saw that I could hire narrators to narrate books.

So, I hired a team of independent contractor narrators, matched them with other self-publishers who wanted their books narrated, paid the narrator a flat fee for production, and captured monthly royalties of the finished product.

This is 100% fully passive income.

I do NOTHING for these books. Not even maintenance. And they collectively earn me thousands.

THAT  creative inspiration just came to me out of nowhere.

THAT is the type of staying power I wanted when I wrote that money affirmation.

Things like this happen to me ALL THE TIME now!


Giving Away My Special Sauce

make money online fast

I realize I completely gave away one of my business models just to illustrate a point, but you know…

1) Most people probably won’t read this far

2) If they do, they won’t do the work

3) There are other, faster, easier ways to make money online

4) I have NO shortage of amazing, profitable ideas; I simply can not be stopped. <= That is another affirmation in itself… see how easily that works? ????


3- Every day is another chance to have fun.

have fun work from home

Back then: My personal wealth-building philosophy was and still is that if it’s not fun, I don’t want anything to do with it.

I believe making money should be pleasurable and come easy.

How else do you expect to survive early mornings, sleepless nights and the ups and downs that are inevitable in a business that is built to last?

You have to LOVE it or it will eat you alive.

Plus, who wants to be burdened with businesses that aren’t enjoyable?


save money and enjoy it

Today: I earn thousands on auto-pilot in the self-publishing industry, but I’m also crushing it blogging and having more fun than I ever imagined!

In fact, I spend more hours working on and building my blog than I ever have in any office, but every step of it is the most fun, wild ride ever!

There are so many parts of blogging that genuinely thrill me.

My husband can’t tell if I’m “working” or just playing around because the lines are so blurred!

For example, a huge part of blogging is designing adorable Pinterest graphics.

I LOVE it!

If my husband is playing video games and I’m around, I’ll totally be designing Pinterest graphics… for fun.

I joke “blogging IS my video game”.

And I’m compensated very well for playing!

I wake up every day at 4:30 am, sometimes earlier, just to send my best, freshest ideas into the ether.

But when I wrote that affirmation I did NOT have a blog and hadn’t even considered starting one yet!

I just wanted to make a lot of money and have it be fun… I didn’t know how.

So, you see… money affirmation #3 came true. 

Every day IS another chance to have fun.

And get paid handsomely for the privilege.


4- I am youthful, playful and girlish about money.

passive income ideas

Back then: When I wrote this I was in a state of flux because I was kind of stressed about holding on to the money I already had.

I’d just quit my job and was thrilled to no longer be stuck in someone’s office, but with brand-new success comes the fear of losing it all.

I was terrified by the thought of my business bottoming out and having to go back to work.

This was stressful and was causing me to feel pressure and strain to make money.

I didn’t want that.

I wanted to be playful, girlish, and youthful about it.

It needed to be about fun and pleasure and enjoyment, not about stress, desparation or confinement.


money flows money affirmation

Today: I don’t stress about money, it just flows!

I’ll talk about money all day every day to anyone who will listen, but I stress to the max that while I enjoy the money, I’m not really hyper-focused on it like that.

It’s more that making money is just FUN to me.


Money Is Hella Fun!hobbies that make money

Money allows me to be playful, bouncing around freely doing whatever my heart desires.

Like, I was lucky enough to be able to cultivate hobbies that can make me money, but money in itself IS a hobby to me too.

I love checking my dashboards every morning and seeing just how much money I earned in my sleep.

I LOVE checking my stock investments anytime I hear something positive about the stock market on the news!

The whole thing is just FUN to me!

It’s not about “oh if I lose it all, what happens then”?

Nor is it “I HAVE to make this money so I can make ends meet”.

It’s not fear-based action. It’s FUN-based!

Money makes me smile and giggle. And I smile and giggle a LOT lately.

So, money affirmation #4 came true, too.


Do You Enjoy Money Affirmations?

Money affirmations are a great way to increase your income and grow your business. Here are 4 of my REAL money affirmations that worked to grow my online business to 6-figures in just one year!

As I said before I’m just testing the waters to see if this is a topic anybody even cares about lol.

This post is already 1,700 words long and it’s just a tiny sliver of the entire body of work I’ve done on my mindset to shift it toward generating more money.

To write MORE affirmations if nobody gives a hoot would be putting my energy in a place that does not yield results.

Totally against money affirmation #1.

So, tell me, do you have any money affirmations of your own?

Are you curious and want to get started with some of your own?

Do you think they’re worthless?

Let me know what you think either in the comments or by shooting a quick e-mail.




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