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Just because you are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle by starting a ketogenic diet, it doesn’t mean you need to give up caffeine. Many of us cannot be without our morning coffee, and if you are one of those people, you need to find a great keto-friendly alternative to help you wake up in the morning and get you through the day. There are many alternatives to coffee that are fine to have when you are taking part in the ketogenic diet, and here are just a few of the most popular.



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This is quickly becoming one of the more popular caffeine alternatives to coffee, and for those who have never heard of it, matcha is tea powder. Unlike other teas, matcha is a powder that is mixed with boiling water rather than left to brew to then be taken out. Coffee is known to give some unwanted side effects to many, including an increased heart rate or an upset stomach, but matcha can give you a caffeine hit without those unwanted side effects. Although matcha does not contain as much caffeine as a coffee, it contains more caffeine than other green tea alternatives. If matcha sounds like something you’d like to try, check out the complete guide here: Matcha and Caffeine: Is it Really Better Than Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee

If you go on Instagram and follow anyone that is doing the ketogenic diet, chances are they have already posted about Bulletproof coffee. The ketogenic diet does allow for coffee, but not as many people choose to drink it. Milk is no good with the keto diet and many people cannot drink black coffee, and they therefore look for alternatives. Bulletproof coffee, also known as BPC, is a coffee that is blended with healthy fats, for example, grass-fed butter. Although the thought of adding fats to your coffee may sound odd, many people on the ketogenic diet swear by BPC. Made right, this coffee can be creamy and delicious. It may take your body some time to get used to this drink as you have probably grown up with milk and sugar in your coffee, but if you stick with it, BPC could soon turn out to be your new favorite morning beverage. 

Iced Tea

This is the perfect go-to drink in the summer and is best made fresh. Iced tea is actually really simple to make and making your own means you know exactly how much sugar and other additives are in it. You can also add your own flavorings, meaning you can create an iced tea that you love. Making it yourself has other benefits too, such as gaining more antioxidants as the tea is fresher than if you bought it bottled. To make your own iced tea, make your usual tea, then let it cool either by adding ice or by refrigerating it. You can also leave tea leaves in cold water overnight. You may then want to add a splash of lemon to make your iced tea even more tasty.

Skip the Milk

If you really cannot live without your cup of coffee in the morning, it may be best to skip the milk. This means that your coffee will be completely keto-friendly. Drinking tea or coffee on the ketogenic diet is perfectly fine, as long as you drink them black. If this is not an option either, you may want to look for a flavored creamer that is dairy-free.

Caffeine helps many of us with getting up in the morning and can have many other health benefits including boosting your metabolism and improving physical performance. If you cannot live without your coffee, try these alternatives or skip the milk and sugar.  

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