30 Day Squat Challenge Results (With Pics)!


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30-Day Squat Challenge Results Are In!

While thumbing through some old pics in my phone, I stumbled upon progress photos of a 30 day squat challenge I started about a year ago. The results are so dramatic, it’s insane!

The craziest part about it is I didn’t even finish this challenge. I punked out somewhere around day 23!

I can’t imagine how amazing the squat challenge results would have been had I actually finished the whole thing, right?

Take a look for yourself (but please excuse the horrendous state of my room… It’s a lot better today I swear)!


30 day squat challenge results before and after pics
Super good results in just 20 days, right?

Why Didn’t I Complete The 30-Day Squat Challenge?

Seriously there are two reasons why I didn’t complete this 30-day squat challenge. The most pressing reason I just have to scream out in big, bold letters:



In the beginning, it’s cool. You see fast change. Your stamina, strength and endurance increase rapidly. You’re going #beastmode and are unstoppable, hunty.

But by week 3 it’s the worst thing ever!

You can’t even.

The second reason I didn’t finish is that I didn’t feel the need to be accountable.

Is that a thing for you?

Though I’m kinda introverted I do benefit from having someone to do things with or show my results to if that makes sense.

So, I was bored (boo) –  and lonely (aww) – but those partial squat challenge results are just too good to ignore! I want to do something similar again, but THIS TIME I HAVE A PLAN.


 30-Day Burpee Challenge July 2018!

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Seeing as how I’m still not over-the-moon about squats, I figured let’s try something just as challenging but fresh and new!

So, for July 2018, I’m committing to the 30 Day Burpee Challenge! And guess what?


I want YOU to join me!


It works like this

It starts with 5 burpees on July 1 and ends with 100 burpees on July 30th.  Every day (even on rest days), I’ll send you a quick email reminding you to get your burpees in, give you motivation, and keep the momentum going.

Once you sign up, you’ll get the link to the free printable chart I’ve created where you can track your progress. Mine is posted on the fridge. I plan to mark a big ole’ “X” through the day once I’ve finished. You can do the same if you want.

Also, you’ll get the link to a quick video showing proper burpee form, so you’ll know you’re doing it right!

Just as a note, you can do the burpees on any given day all in a row if you’d like, but I certainly don’t plan to!


UPDATE: The JULY 2018 Challenge is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. But There’s A NEW Challenge EVERY MONTH!!!

30 day fitness caallenge join


How is this helpful?

Based on my experience before of being super bored and also lacking accountability, I think doing it as a group will work!

It’s so crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to it this time.

I think it’s going to be so much fun for everyone involved, and just knowing there are others out there doing the same thing as you around the same time is like – you’re not alone!


UPDATE: The JULY 2018 challenge is closed. But there’s a NEW Challenge EVERY MONTH! 

30 day fitness caallenge join


30 Day Challenge Progress Photo Updates

Since I’m committed to showing you my results as proof, I’m going to do before and after pics!


Update: Here are the results! 


The July 2018 challenge is (obviously) closed, and there will be no future e-mail challenges BUT… I’m personally going to do some fitness challenge every month, and I highly encourage you to do the same! It’s a great way to get just a little more exercise into your life, no matter what! 

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