3 Shocking Things NOBODY Tells You About Early Sobriety


Before you quit drinking alcohol you may have preconceived notions about what you’ll really be getting yourself into. Whether good or bad, you should know that what you think will happen doesn’t necessarily always come to be true. In the quick 4-minute video above and the brief text below, I’ll share the 3 most surprising things I learned in my first year of sobriety. Maybe they’ll calm your fears (or temper your expectations), too!   3 Surprising Things About Early Sobriety 1- Nobody Really Cares That You Don’t Drink So many people new to or considering quitting drinking alcohol for the first time have a fear of being outcast, being made fun of, or being pressured to drink alcohol if they come forward and share their new life change with others. Let me tell you, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! I was such a hermit in the earliest days and months, and for good reason. In the past I’d tried to quit but continued to throw myself into drinking environments expecting change… and failed. So, this time one of the changes I made was to remove myself from those situations entirely. Well, when I finally did start going back to parties again around 5 months sober, I had this HUGE fear that nobody would want to party with me or that I’d be labeled a weirdo for saying I don’t drink. But… I did it anyway… and you know what? A grand total of ZERO people cared! Some people asked why or how I did it. Some people didn’t believe me because they’d seen me turn all the way up at last year’s party. But for the most part people were like “oh… cool… good for you!”… and went about their business. Sure, there will be assholes sometimes, but the general rule is if you’re not judging others or making them feel weird for drinking, nobody cares about what you’re doing. Great news, right?   2- Some Of Your Flaws Are NOT Alcohol’s Fault (You’re Still Gonna Screw Up) The second shocking thing I discovered was that alcohol really wasn’t responsible for ALL the bad things about myself. For example, while drinking I’d always lose things. I lost my wedding ring on one drunken occasion – devastating, right? I just KNEW once I quit drinking alcohol, I wouldn’t be doing things like that anymore. WRONG! Since I quit drinking, I lost a really expensive earring, lost my car keys, misplaced my wallet once, and more… This could just be unique to me, but I don’t think so. Some things are just embedded in our personalities. Yours will probably be something totally different, but I want you to be prepared for it! Not everything bad about you is alcohol’s fault.   3- The Weight Doesn’t Fly Off Since You Quit Drinking Finally, I was really surprised to find that it’s still challenging to sustain long-term weight loss – even without the extra calories from alcohol. If you’re a little bit overweight and drinking to excess, it’s easy to think as soon as you stop drinking, stop eating poorly to recover from hangovers, and (ideally) have more time and energy to work out more consistently, weight will effortlessly fly off. But that’s not necessarily so. For me it’s taken quite a bit of effort and I still find myself going up and down. Part of it is due to replacing alcohol with sugar a bit in the beginning – which is something many new to alcoholism recovery deal with. But the other part is that it just takes time and effort to lose weight – no matter what. I share my intermittent fasting weight loss journey all over the blog for this reason. It’s one of the many tools I’m using in sobriety to help manage my weight. It’s also why I started the 30-Day Fitness Challenge accountability group on Facebook – having support and motivation is also a fun, helpful way to get into a consistent groove of moving more and eating better. But the point of all this is that it still takes effort! You still have to do the work!   Join Us In Our Facebook Group For 30-Day Fitness Challenges! We’d love to have you join our accountability group! It’s a really fun way to sneak a little more exercise into your day – sober or not! To join instantly, click here or on the banner above! We’re a friendly group and the accountability is great for keeping you going even on your laziest of days! See you soon! 😊   Related: Sobriety Sucks Sometimes: The Frustrating Truth About Early Sobriety How To Quit Drinking On Your Own 10 Best Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol

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