21 Low-Carb Holiday Recipes You’ll LOVE!


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Year after year, we hear about the derailment of diets because of the holidays. Well, that doesn’t need to be the case at all. These 21 low-carb holiday recipes will keep you on track, while still enjoying the holiday family meals.

From beverages to main entrees, you could create a whole spread with all of these low-carb recipes! So, grab a nice warm coffee or tea and get ready to start creating your low-carb holiday meal plan.

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21 Low-Carb Holiday Recipes You’ll LOVE!

Let’s start off with low-carb beverage options because that’s usually the first thing served during the festivities.

Low-Carb Holiday BeveragesIndulgent and creamy sugar-free low-carb eggnog with brandy (optional). It is the perfect healthy recipe for the festive season to indulge and enjoy, with friends. | ditchthecarbs.com

#1 This sugar-free low-carb eggnog is quick and simple. Did I mention it’s so deliciously creamy too? With brandy or without, this eggnog will be a crowd pleaser

#2 What about a low-carb Mexican hot chocolate with a touch of spice? This recipe from All Day I Dream About Food is so decadent without the guilt – it’s low-carb, gluten-free, and simple!

Easy CHEAT'S recipe for slow cooker low-carb mulled wine. Don't tell everyone our secret - the perfect lazy way to entertain guests this festive season. | ditchthecarbs.com

#3 Slow cooker low-carb mulled wine? YES! The slow cooker keeps infusing flavour throughout the festivities!

Low-Carb Appetisers and Salads Perfect for the Holidays

Next up, appetisers and salad, of course! These starters are perfect to keep the conversation and festivities going as the rest of the spread is rolling out.

A perfectly simple healthy recipe for low-carb prosciutto wrapped asparagus - using only 5 ingredients. Perfect for entertaining guest this holiday season. | ditchthecarbs.com

#4 Low-Carb Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus gives the table such an elegant touch. This simple recipe is perfect for any low-carb party platter.

#5 Try this super easy low carb pate. With only 5 ingredients and tons of flavour, you can pair this with cheese, veggies or low-carb crackers.Paleo prawn cocktail is a beautiful way to eat more seafood. This incredibly healthy and simple recipe is low carb, grain free and keto friendly. It is free of seed oils, wheat, grains and packed with nutrition. Serve as an appetiser or pack in your lunch box. A fabulous snack idea. The list goes on. | ditchthecarbs.com

#6 Get a little fancy with these Paleo prawn cocktails. Only 4 ingredients, but they look so refreshing and add a nice touch to any holiday table.

#7 Want to keep things low-key and simple? Prepare these Keto cheese crackers made with mozzarella dough.

Low-carb and keto Greek stuffed mushrooms. Watch the quick cooking video to see how easy it is to make. Perfect as a snack or meal. Grain free, gluten free healthy meal. | ditchthecarbs.com

#8 These Greek stuffed mushrooms would be the perfect low-carb starter. There’s so much flavour in every bite!

#9 You can add a little variety to the salad options with this low-carb bacon broccoli cauliflower salad. The optional pumpkin seeds, walnuts, or sliced almonds add a nice crunch to the dish.

#10 How about cauliflower and bacon popcorn? Never tried it? Well now’s the time. A perfect side dish or a healthy snack alternative when you want to watch a festive movie.

Enjoy these low-carb holiday recipes! From drinks to desserts, the whole meal can be low-carb and delicious.Click To Tweet

Low-Carb Sides and Entrees to Rock the Holiday Dinner

Between appetisers, sides, entrees, and desserts, it’s hard to overcome the dietary battle. Or is it? So far there are enough low-carb appetiser recipes to create quite a spread. But, now it’s time for the sides and main dishes.Supreme Green Bean Casserole from Low Carb Maven

#11 I have yet to go to a holiday feast that doesn’t include a green bean casserole by Low-Carb Maven. So, it just seems fitting that there should be a low-carb version on the list, right?

#12 Another must have, is the poultry stuffing. This Paleo low-carb stuffing by Low Carb Yum is also Keto and gluten-free.

#13 Opt-out of the traditional mashed potatoes with this easy mashed cauliflower recipe. Add your own touch of flavour with butter, garlic, or bacon.

Easy roast lamb with a sugar free mint sauce. Making a wonderful family meal doesn't have to be challenging, come and see how easy this is to make yet looks incredible. #lowcarb #sugarfree | ditchthecarbs.com

#14 Prefer lamb during the holidays? Our roast lamb with sugar-free mint sauce may be the perfect fit.

#15 Of course, you can do the traditional roasted turkey as well. Check out the convenient cooking schedule!

#16 Warm up with this creamy Keto pumpkin sausage chowder by I Breathe I’m Hungry.

Low-Carb Holiday Desserts and Treats

Oohhh it’s time for my favourite section…desserts and sweet treats. Although, how many of us have room in our tummies after the feast? We find a way, right?

Incredible recipe for low-carb raspberry swirl cheesecake. It's gluten free, grain free, sugar free and perfect for dinner parties. | ditchthecarbs.com

#17 This low-carb raspberry swirl cake is delicious and easy to make. But, the real win is that it’s only 5g net carbs per serving!

#18 Low-carb chocolate pumpkin pie is like the best of both worlds. Chocolate and pumpkin…YUM! Better yet, this recipe has no sugar or grains!

#19 Pretty up the dessert table with low-carb mince pies. These can be served as either tarts or whole pies, either way, they’re still delicious.


#20 These low-carb pumpkin spice roasted pecans by Peace, Love and Low Carb, are perfect for the post-dinner snacker.

#21 The holidays wouldn’t be the same without gingerbread men, so I had to add them to the list of low-carb sweet treats.

Amazing sugar free gingerbread men that are also gluten free, low carb and easy to make. | ditchthecarbs.com

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Enjoy 21 Low-Carb Holiday Recipes that'll keep the stress of diet derailment away. #holidayrecipes #ditchthecarbs #lowcarb #keto #glutenfree #sugarfree #healthyrecipes #familymeals #lowcarbholidayrecipes


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